Growing up with siblings can mean lots of bickering over toys, stealing of each other’s clothes, and deflecting blame when parent’s come around. It also means having a built in best friend. No matter how much you argue, nothing compares to the bond that you develop with your sister.

Along with being one of the best support systems, your sister can be a wealth of knowledge to help you as you grow into your own skin. God didn’t give you a sister by mistake. God placed your sister in your life for very specific purposes. She can be someone to truly help you blossom into the person you are supposed to be.

Your sister is a gift from our Lord, and here’s why.

She taught you about patience.

Think about a time when your sister annoyed you. Maybe she always took your favorite toy, scratched the paint on your new car, or would try to hog all of mom and dad’s time. It is truly universal knowledge that all siblings get on each other’s nerves, but rather than blow up every time they push your buttons we have learned that we can handle these situations with patience.

She taught you how to be a good friend.

Without even realizing it, your sister was probably one of your first friends in life - if not your very first. As a result, she taught you from a young age how to share a friendship with another human. She showed you what it means to care about someone, open up to them, and enjoy each other’s company. We have an innate protective instinct when it comes to our siblings, because we truly worry about their well-being. This teaches us how to also care about other relationships in our lives.

She taught you to work as a team.

It’s a tough lesson to learn that we’re not the center of the world. We learn from having siblings that success lies in learning to cooperate with others and in understanding that there is no force more powerful than common understanding and working towards a common goal. It’s worth it to put everything aside, because the relationship between siblings teaches you that differences are always solvable if you are determined and ready to cooperate.

She taught you forgiveness.

Forgiveness is one of the most important things we learn from having siblings. How many times have we heard our parents say “Make peace, or else…” This threat would not convince you at all that your sister deserved forgiveness, but immediately afterwards you’d shake hands to make it look like you forgave them. However shortly after we would forget anything happened, and be playing with our sister again in the yard. We learned how to let go of the grudges. Ultimately, sisters teach each other that there are no unbridgeable gaps between people who love each other, neither as children nor adults.

A prayer for a sister that taught you so much.

We can thank God for allowing us to grow up with a great companion. The best way to raise your sister up is through prayer to Him, either alone or with her.

Our Father in heaven,

I'm so grateful for the sister you have given me.

Though sometimes she's a rival, she is always a friend, a companion, a guide and guardian. Ever since our childhood, she always is by my side just like You. She’s someone with whom I could share all the joy and sorrows of life. The sense of loving and caring taught me to be a better human being. I pray that you continue to keep Your blessings over her. Help her out in times of trouble, and remind her that she is never alone. Guide her to her calling, as she has guided me on my own journey. I know that having a sister is not a privilege everyone gets to experience, and I thank you for choosing me to have the honor.


Having a sister truly is a blessing from God, so let your sister know that you appreciate her role in your life. A sister bond can be an incredibly strong one, and the lessons we can take away from the relationship can be applied to other areas of life. God used your sister to make you into the person you are today.

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