Barbie's Spiritual Transformations

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie! We loved you then, and we love you now.

Barbie began as a teen fashion model and eventually evolved into a presidential candidate and astronaut who landed on the moon. And she’s had every job in between!

Along the way, Barbie began to display a strong, and often spiritual side. In this exotic gallery of Barbie images, we share some of the Barbie aspects that speak to strength and expression of spirit.

See Barbie as an angel, a wise Native American woman, a Sun Goddess, and the Statue of Liberty or see her dressed in her best sari for the sacred Hindu holiday of Diwali or donned in traditional garb for celebrating Kwanzaa.

Special thanks to Mattel for their permission to feature these Barbie photos. You can see more collectible Barbie dolls on BarbieCollector.com.

<b>Golden Angel</b><Br>She may be missing a halo, but her golden wings and layers of ethereal chiffon are a harmonious vision of heaven.

<b>Diwali</b><br>Light the oil lamps and set the firecrackers to celebrate a festival of light and love in India.

<b>Lady of the Unicorns</b><br>Fantasy and mythology surround this fair-haired maiden, inspired by a medieval legend.

<b>Mbili</b><br>Designer Byron Lars takes the magnificence of Africa and creates a confident woman resplendent in feathers and beads.

<b>Goddess of the Sun</b> <br>A Bob Mackie creation, this bright and luminous goddess has celestial rays ready to ignite the sky for a glorious morning.

<b>Midnight Moon Princess</b><br> This sleek and silvery enchantress illuminates the subtle mysteries of a blue and shadowy landscape.

<b>Wonder Woman</b><br>The ultimate girl power heroine is ready to fight crime in her protective cape and golden tiara.

<b>Wind Rider</b><br>In her traditional Native American leather dress, this wise companion of Mother Earth communes and honors the sacred land she loves.

<b>George Washington</b><Br>Our nation's first president and founding father is honored in a chic and revolutionary pink jacket.

<b>Statue of Liberty</b><br>A symbol of freedom and a beacon of beauty, this original Miss America captures our contry's strength.

<b>Kwanzaa</b><br>Traditional African motifs honor Kwanzaa and the holiday's values of family and community.

<b>Bewitched</b><br>As Samantha, this compassionate sorceress charms us by wriggling her nose and flying into our hearts.

<b>Chinese New Year</b><br> Golden lotus blossoms and phoenixes decorate a traditional cheong sam that's perfect for a fiery new year.

<b>Enchanted Mermaid</b><br>This underwater waif is no little mermaid--her flowing tresses and delicate fins float dreamily in the sea.

<b>Fairy of the Garden</b><br> Not your ordinary Tinker Bell, this sparkly garden sprite will help your garden flourish.

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