Tracing Your Family's Roots

By Brad and Debra Schepp

What makes learning about family history so fascinating? In a world that seems ever more rootless, tracing your genealogy leads to a sense of connection with the past. Knowing more about "where we came from" brings a deeper understanding of who we are now. For children, who learn best by story-telling, exploring their family tree makes the sweep of history personal. The internet has made researching our ancestors simpler than ever. Once you uncover places, people, and facts through your research, you’ll want to take a road trip or two to visit relatives, and also check records not yet available through the internet.

Learn the 10 ways to trace your family tree.

Brad and Debra Schepp are the authors of "The Online Genealogy Handbook" (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.). For more information, visit www.BradandDeb.com.

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