Spiritual tips and techniques to make your living space reflect the love you want.

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

One of fundamental aspects of Feng Shui is the use of a "Bagua," an octagon shaped image with eight sides and a center, or a square image with eight boxes and a center. The parts of the "Bagua," called guas, are used to delineate different areas in a home or room that reflect the parts of a person's life.

There are eight guas or "energy centers" that can be cleared and activated to enhance the related areas in your life. Feng Shui believes all things have a life force, called "chi," and seeks to allow that energy to flow as freely as possible--like wind and water, which what Feng Shui means.

When practicing Feng Shui for love and marriage, it is important to energize all areas of your environment as you activate your intentions for a great relationship.

Read the first Feng Shui principles to attract love into your life.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is author of Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soulmate with Ceremony and Self-love (HealingEbooks, May 2009) and the e-course, Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate. She is moderator of The Soulmate Project. These materials culled from the Western School of Feng Shui bagua, with permission.

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Knowledge and Wisdom


What Represents This Gua? Wisdom is associated with mountains; an image of a mountain that is appealing to the eye can inspire you to climb high to reach your goal.

What Can I Do? 1. Place a sacred icon or image that reflects the kind of spirituality you want to share with your mate. 2. Keep a photo of a couple you relate to as being wise and strong in their relationship (your parents, or famous couples like Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.)

Colors: Black, Blue, Green

Elements: Earth, Water

Shapes: Wavy, Bumpy



What Represents This Gua? A tabletop fountain or an aquarium will stimulate good career energy for you and yours.

What Can I Do? Create a visualize reminder of the kind of career success you see for yourself and your beloved using images of photos of two people busy at work or symbols of a successful career, such as two briefcases.

Colors: Black, Deep Blue

Elements: Water

Shapes: Wavy, Rippling, Flowing

Helpful People and Travel


What Represents This Gua? Wind chime with cylinder metal chimes will stimulate helpful chi.

What Can I Do? 1) Are there people or organizations that can help you meet someone? Keep their photo or logo in this area. 2) Think of the place you most want to travel to with your beloved and place an image, postcard or even a related item such as a mini Eiffel Tower if you want to see Paris with someone you love. 3) This gua represents metal, so two wedding rings would fit in nicely, as they are made of metal that does not tarnish and they represent the relationship you want, one that will endure.

Colors: White, Metallic, Gold

Elements: Metal, Earth

Shapes: Columns, Cylinders, Round Shapes

Creativity and Children


What Represents This Gua? The experience of two people having fun sharing a creative pursuit dancing, playing, painting--can generate beautiful energy.

What Can I Do? 1) Buy a beautiful terracotta pot and create a "wish bowl" filled with little notes stating fun, creative things you want to do with the one you love. 2) Write a creative and expressive love letter to your yet as unknown love, and place it here. (The alphabet is represented by the earth element.)

Colors: Metallic, Gold, Yellows, White

Elements: Metal, Earth

Shapes: Square

Love and Partnership


What Represents This Gua? Two crystals hung from the ceiling to stimulate "chi for two."

What Can I Do? 1) Fabulous, sexy, romantic artwork and photos of couples what ever you relate to. 2) A brand new, ceramic bride and groom cake topper you truly relate to can stimulate the energy of long term commitment. 3) A pair of rose quartz hearts, nestled in beautiful white satin or lace, in the corner.

Colors: Pink, White

Elements: Fire, Earth

Shapes: Hearts

Fame and Reputation


What Represents This Gua? Bright lights, to shine a spotlight on how you want to be known.

What Can I Do? 1) Art work with colors from the red family and a sexy image of a couple in a pose you'd like to strike someday. 2) Light two red candles for true love and say a prayer to be known as someone who has a great relationship.

Colors: Reds

Elements: Fire

Shapes: Triangles, Zig Zag, Pyramid

Wealth and Prosperity


What Represents This Gua? Two healthy plants with round leaves and purples flowers will stimulate financial abundance as they grow together.

What Can I Do? 1) Keep a rice bowl or clear bowl filled with spare change and keep adding to it every day and watch your money grow. 2) Place His and Her (or His/His, Her/Her) wallets with cash in each symbolizing two people who are living prosperously, together.

Colors: Purple, Cranberry, Blue, Green (to represent money)

Elements: Wood, Water

Shapes: Rectangles, Tall

Health and Family


What Represents This Gua? Small trees, plants, flowers, wood objects

What Can I Do? 1) Wooden sculpture of couple in a pose you love. 2) Plants for health and lushness in your relationship and family life. 3) Fresh flowers all the time 4) Books about healthy relationships.

Colors: Green, Blue

Elements: Wood

Shapes: Rectangles, Tall

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