From "Parenting Begins Before Conception." Used by permission.

Our Father, who art in Heaven with me,
Thy name be hallowed within my child.
Thy Kingdom come into my womb,
Thy Will be done in my child's growth,
As it is done in Thy angelic heaven.
Give my child its daily spiritual food,
Forgive today its Soul's past trespasses,
And lead its Soul to forgive those who
Trespassed against it on other planes.
And deliver it safely into our world.


My daughter's birth was not the beginning of our relationship, it was just another natural phase of bonding that I had initiated more than a decade before as I consciously began my preparation process. It was so clear to me that the sweet being in my arms, who had many urgent primitive needs as a newborn, was also an old soul with specific reasons for choosing to be with me and my husband. Because we had been developing our psychic bond for many years through thought and feeling, I possessed the intuitive wisdom and confidence to care for her both as a newborn baby and as a magnificent spirit of light. Just imagine if your parents had prepared for your arrival before you were even conceived or born. Can you imagine being part of a family in which your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs had been consciously cared for from your first moments of life? So many of us have suffered because our parents did not understand that we were powerful souls reappearing as children, and that we depended upon our mothers and fathers to create the optimal life circumstances for us to embody our spirits in human form.... I had heard about prebirth communication before, but I was experiencing something very profound, something that I began to call preconception bonding. Preconception bonding is literal, and some of my clients report having actual sensations of their baby's spirit hovering around them or communicating through intuitive impressions, or sometimes a voice, dictating ways to prepare for conception. For me this experience was more than prebirth contact; it was the beginning of bonding with my future child....

It is suggested in the Essene teachings that the redemption of the human race can be found in the essence of the immaculate conception archetype. It involves the sacrifice of something old in order to create perfection. Embracing the idea of immaculate conception means that you let go of any old patterns in your life that may be harmful to a child. Consider the ways in which the archetype of the immaculate conception can be useful in your efforts to be the best possible parents to your future child:

  • If you have polluted your body with impure substances (drugs, chemicals, toxins), make the effort to cleanse your body of these substances before they interfere with your child's health.
  • Rather than emulate Mary and Joseph's vow of "perpetual virginity," you might try taking a vow of purity in your emotions and thoughts.
  • Paracelsus pointed out that "the imagination of a pregnant woman is so active, that in conceiving seed into her body, she can transmute the foetus in different ways." The conscious conception of the child, held in the heart and mind of the mother, is a significant factor in molding the incarnating soul's form within her body. I suggest that both parents use the image-building faculty of their imaginations to mentally hold a divine image of their child-to-be. Perhaps thinking of the soul as a "child of God" or "in God's image" will help you to achieve this.
  • To the very best of your ability, diminish or end discord that can disturb the very sensitive vibratory action of the incarnating soul's consciousness.
  • Together, you and your partner can discuss any limiting beliefs about yourselves as parents and release any images that are disempowering either to you as parents or to the soul as your child, and that keep you from holding an immaculate concept of the soul.
  • Learn to magnify your own good nature and that of the soul, and integrate this reality into all your daily activities as you prepare to conceive your child.

These practices can be a pretty tall order for even an advanced spiritual aspirant, but that is the nature of an ideal. I suggest that you be content with the process of doing the best that you can, and that you use the image of the immaculate conception as a reminder of your child's divinity.

If you find the idea of the immaculate conception too idealistic, you may give it a more practical bent. Think instead of a healthy conscious conception and what that means to you. Your consciousness is always looking for creative ways in which to express itself. But remember one of the great secrets of creation: When you plant corn, you get corn. In other words, the variety and quality of the seeds of consciousness that you plant will determine the kind and quality of fruits that are yielded. The same principle influences the creation and growth of your human child, and you, as parents, hold the key.

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