This piece first appeared on Kiwibox.com. ------------------------------------------------- Sex is everywhere. From Britney's hot Rolling Stone pics to teens on "That '70s Show," sex is being promoted. I myself, as a teen, see sex around school, at home, on television, on the radio, etc. I don't think sex is nasty, I don't think it's perverted, and I don't think it's a bad thing to do. What I do think is that guys have more respect for girls who are "virginal." I believe this because of many reasons. First of all, look at Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Second, let me just say that guys do not like girls with sexually transmitted diseases. And last, your reputation sticks with you your entire life. OK, I don't know if anyone read the article in Teen People about Jessica Simpson, but if you didn't, you should. I would like to praise her for being such an excellent role model. She is just one example of someone who attracts phyne guys (have you seen Nick?) and doesn't sleep with them. Jessica Simpson has the right idea. By waiting until she is married, Jessica will know if her boyfriend truly loves her enough to wait. Not only that, she has a special present for her new husband that only few women are able to give.
Nick, and a lot of other people, totally respect her for that. And Jessica, along with all the other virginal girls out there, are not prudes. Jessica may not have intercourse, but I'm sure there have probably been some totally hot make-out sessions between her and Nick--I mean, look at him! But, this isn't going to get graphic, I'm just saying that just because she hasn't "done" him, it doesn't mean they haven't "done" anything. I really respect her for telling the public about her philosophies, and I think she is truly honorable. Next off, I'm gonna talk about some sexually transmitted diseases. Lemme just tell ya, guys do not like girls who have nasty bumps "down there." Most diseases that you get through sex are incurable, and while you may not die from most, you'll be in extreme pain for your entire life. When a guy finds out you have a disease from sleeping with "one too many" guys, he'll know he could never have a serious relationship with you. Guys respect girls who can keep control of themselves. They, of course, don't especially like prudes, but as I said before, not all virgins are prudes. When a guy knows that a girl is willing to sacrifice her own pleasure, he finds that sexy. He might not like it too much, but he is sure to understand. If he doesn't, he's no good. A girl wearing a mini-tube top and cutoffs is not as sexy as a girl with a positive attitude, wearing a normal shirt and jeans, and walking with her head up in the air. Sure, guys might turn their heads to look at the girl wearing next to nothing, but they'll look twice at the girl with confidence.
You may think sleeping around makes you popular, but that is only an illusion. My best friend used to be, well, slutty. She slept with every guy she could, she showed off her body, and got caught in school with many guys. She was depressed, suicidal, and wanted attention. She certainly got it. That entire school year, people called her a skank, slut, whore, etc.--and no guy would date her unless he wanted a "quickie." She realized what she was doing was ruining her life, and she stopped. She got therapy. Now she is happy and healthy. But her reputation is still there. It's two years later, and people still talk about her. She hasn't had sex since eighth grade, but people still hate her for her old ways. Reputations stick with you your entire life. If you ever want to maintain a relationship with a guy, and he knows that in your past you have slept around, cheated, and gotten diseases, if he is respectable, he will pass on going on a date with you. Wherever you go, your reputation follows. Even if you move to another state, someone is bound to find out about your past. Think now about your future, for your own sake. Guys like girls with sex appeal. Sex appeal doesn't mean sluttiness; it means confidence, security, and also purity. Guys may like Britney Spears, or talk about sex 24/7, but in the long run, they want someone they know they can talk to, they can hold, and they can truly be loved by. Sex is an add-on to that, and I think that teens should hold out until they are sure they have found the right guy. I'm not saying everyone should wait until marriage, but just be careful; you may regret it later. In the long run, teen virgins have more sex appeal than, well, "sex addicted" girls.
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