March 8 (RNS)--Four students at a private Christian school in San Antoniowere suspended after attending a concert given by the pop group theBackstreet Boys.School officials at Sunnybrook Christian Academy gave the studentsone-day suspensions for attending the March 1 concert because, accordingto school administrator Trudie Perez, they disobeyed a school rule thatforbade "involvement with inappropriate music.""They (the Backstreet Boys) have some good music, but some of themusic, I have been told, has certain sexual references," said Perez,noting the group's lyrics include phrases such as "I want to touch yourbody all night.""That's not the message that we want to convey to our young people.We send the message of sexual abstinence," the Associated Press reportedPerez as saying.Two of the suspended students returned to school Friday (March 3),but one, a high school senior, may leave the school.