Among married couples, there are some who are, for whatever reason, able to maintain a deep happiness, a continual joy in each other. William Martin, in "The Couple's Tao Te Ching: A New Interpretation," draws from ancient Taoist philosophy and spiritual teaching to shed light on these relationships. His insights appear bi-weekly in our Dating & Marriage section. Be to each other like water.
It brings nourishment to all it touches
without effort or strain.
It seeks out the low places
and does not strive to raise itself
above all others.
Do not seek to lord it over your beloved.
There is no hierarchy in a union of souls.
Each of you must flow like a stream
and surround the other with nurture and refreshment.
Is there a sense of flow to your life together,
or is there a sense of strain and effort?
Are you competing instead of nourishing?
How will you nourish your beloved today?
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