(RNS)     A new study by the Barna Research Group in Ventura, Calif. says that born-again Christians are more likely to go through a marital split than are non-Christians. Using statistics drawn from a nationwide survey of nearly 4,000adults, the Barna data show that 11 percent of the adult population iscurrently divorced but that 25 percent of all adults have experienced atleast one divorce during their lifetime. Among born-again Christians, 27 percent are currently or have previously been divorced, compared with 24 percent among adults who are not born again. Surprisingly, the Barna report said, the Christian group whoseadherents have the highest likelihood of getting divorced are Baptists.It did not specify any particular denomination. It said the only groupto surpass Baptists were Christians associated with non-denominationalProtestant churches. "Of the nation's major Christian groups, Catholics and Lutheranshave the lowest percentage of divorced individuals -- 21 percent. Peoplewho attend mainline Protestant churches, overall, experience divorce atthe national average of 25 percent.