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The God Spot
  • Ecstasy or Pathology?Mirka Knaster discusses the novel, "Lying Awake," about a nun torn between medical treatment and mystical experience.
  • "Lying Awake:" An excerpt.
  • A mini-review of the novel.
  • Climbing Mountains
    A Beliefnet interview with author Mark Salzman

    Black Humor
    Cancer isn't funny, but sometimes all you can do is laugh.
    by Katherine Russell Rich

    Acupuncture May Help Cocaine Addicts
    Alternative therapies are being combined with Western treatments for fighting addictions with positive results.
    Associated Press

    Needle Exchange:
    Acupuncture plus counseling equals effective treatment for cocaine and heroin addiction.

    Don't Worry, Be Angry
    Perhaps healing comes not from positive thinking, but from honest feelings.
    by Carol Orsborn

    Feeding the Soul
    One woman's recovery from an eating disorder through prayer and meditation.
    by Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

    Developing powerful metaphors for cancer treatment.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Helping Kids With the Scary Truth
    Preparing children to visit a parent in intensive care.
    by Kathleen McCue & Ron Bonn 05/19/00

    A Mother's Witness
    "After my daugher's accident, my greatest fear was not that she would die, but that in our need we would be abandoned..."
    by Marilyn Martone

    Can You Make Peace With Death, and Still Fight for Life?
    Exploring the delicate balance between accepting the possibility of death, and still holding fast to life.
    by Carol Orsborn

    Face up to Your Anger
    Surprising advice from a Zen master on coping with chronic pain.
    by Darlene Cohen

    Growing Old
    Re-thinking our reaction to memory loss in old age.
    by Ram Dass

    Stroked by a Guru
    An interview with Ram Dass
    by David Jay Brown

    Why Ram Dass is Still Here
    How one man's spiritual journey turned on and sustained a generation.
    by Mark Matousek

    A Buddhist Drunk
    An excerpt from "Cool Water: Alcoholism, Mindfulness, and Ordinary Recovery."
    by William Alexander

    Controlling Anxiety So It Doesn't Control You
    Coping tips to keep fear from interfering with your life.
    from Efit.com

    Learning to Pray
    "I came to prayer the way I came to sobriety--kicking and screaming."
    by Thomas Lynch

    Biting the Apple
    Meditations on a first drink.
    by Therese Borchard

    Mourning What Is Lost
    A survivor of heart attack and cancer writes of how illness alters life forever.
    by Arthur Frank

    Rituals for the Dying
    The Catholic sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.
    by Mary Gordon

    Lucky Charms?
    Is it counter-productive to focus on externals--icons, get well cards, prayer beads--during cancer treatments?
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Facing the End: Living with Dying
    How to cope with one of life's hardest challenges--a terminal diagnosis.
    by Kathleen Dowling Singh

    Welcoming the Unwanted Guest
    Sufi wisdom on dealing with illness.
    by Susan Kuner

    Facing Death
    When an illness could be fatal, does it mean war? Or initiation?
    Susan Kuner

    Is Guided Imagery the Devil's Doorway?
    Belleruth Naperstek addresses the concern that guided visualizations can be harmful to the soul.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Should Your Doctor Ask You About Your Faith?
    Study shows even non-religious patients want their physicians to ask about their beliefs.
    National Institute for Healthcare Research

    Song of Dawn Boy
    A Navajo healing prayer.

    The Descent
    A mother of two describes her frightening fall into postpartum depression.
    by Fiona Shaw

    Moving From My Will to Thy Will
    A student community prays for an injured peer--and comes to terms with the outcome of their vigil.
    by Marta W. Aldrich

    This Strange God
    How can you love a God you don't understand?
    by Karen Stroup

    An Alzheimer's Support Group
    Telling strangers what you can't tell friends.
    by Aaron Alterra

    Q & A: Is God Out There at All?
    Seeing illness--and God's role in it--through the eyes of faith.
    by Karen Stroup

    Trouble Sleeping?
    Non-pharmaceutical solutions to the common problem of insomnia.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Is Prozac Good for the Soul?
    A physician argues that anti-depressants inhibit spiritual life.
    by Peter Breggin, M.D.

    When Prozac Spells Relief
    Another perspective: Prozac does not represent a spiritual cop-out.
    by Dan Wakefield

    Kicking the Addiction to Painkillers
    The hard work--and many blessings--of the road out of addiction.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Does God Answer Prayers?
    A thoughtful answer to a perennial question
    by Rabbi David Wolpe

    The Shock of Diagnosis
    A diagnosis of cancer prompts a rush of questions: Is it my fault? Did God do this to me?
    by Karen Stroup

    Distance Healing for Others
    How healing imagery can help those you love.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Life Without Language
    When a stroke steals language, speech therapy becomes a vital lifeline.
    by Jean-Dominique Bauby

    Tapping into the Body's Energy
    A conversation with C. Norman Shealy, trailblazing advocate of alternative and holistic medicine.
    by Lucielle Hall

    Making Loss Matter
    Finding Meaning in Life's Difficult Moments.
    by Rabbi David Wolpe

    A Pathway to Spirit
    The Five Stages of Transformation: How a Serious Illness can be a Spiritual Journey.
    by Carol Osborn

    Supporting Caregiving Families
    Guidance for faith communities on how to help members caring for loved ones at home.
    from the National Family Caregivers Association

    Fertility and Guided Imagery
    Clearing a way for New Life.
    by Belleruth Napterstek

    When Illness Knocks
    Pope tells the sick that pain and sickness are part of a divine plan.

    A short, short story by Gil Schamess.

    Speak the Language of Healing
    Surviving Illness Without Going to War.
    by Carol Orsborn

    Finding the Courage to Live
    Paralysis steals movement, but not the essential spirit of a man.
    by Jean-Dominique Bauby

    The Comfort of Prayer
    Prayer is something anyone can do, and the comfort it brings is real.
    by Rabbi Naomi Levy

    Falling Off the Cliff
    Lisa's diary records Gil's accelerating physical decline and her family's abrupt arrival at the end of hope.
    by Lisa Wormser

    What is the Message of Unanswered Prayer?
    A Christian chaplain grapples with the age-old question of how illness, suffering, and death fit into God's plan.
    by Linda Arnold

    It's Only Natural
    Anxiety, disappointment, depression are all to be expected when facing surgery.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Spiraling Downward
    Lisa chronicles small steps taking her family deeper into cancer's foreign territory.
    by Lisa Wormser

    Unremembered Country
    A poem by Sue Griffin.

    The Alchemy of Illness
    Illness can limit life or open a path to transformation.
    by Kat Duff

    Clear Vision
    Author Reynolds Price talks to Dan Wakefield about faith, healing, and a moment with Christ.
    by Dan Wakefield

    Meeting Jesus
    How Christ touched a man battling cancer.
    by Reynolds Price

    The Little Miracle of Chimayó
    An HIV couple go digging for hope and found out what matters.
    by Kevin Bentley

    One minute you have a life, seconds later you have a life-threatening disease.
    by Gil Schamess

    The Healing Comfort of Community
    In the isolation of pain or sorrow, communities--of faith, family, or friends--offer hope and solace.
    by Naomi Levy

    My Will or Thy Will
    Healing doesn't have to be a tug-of-war between God and you.
    by Belleruth Naperstek

    Can You Say... Hero?
    How a simple request--Pray for me--alters a young boy's life.
    Tom Junod

    Caregivers' Bill of Rights
    How to stay sane while caring for someone you love.
    from the American Health Assistance Foundation

    Coping with Illness During the Holidays
    When there's illness in the house, holiday cheer can ring hollow. Here are some tips for reclaiming the season.
    by The Reverend Duane Parker, Ph. D.

    The Importance of Touch
    When you wonder what you can do to help, sometimes the answer is easy: just reach out and touch someone.
    by The Fourteen Friends

    Lost and Found
    Living with cancer.
    by Lisa Wormser

    Tonglen Meditation
    Changing Pain into Compassion.
    with Pema Chodron

    Muslims & Medicine
    Religious practices shouldn't remain a mystery to doctors.


    The Body-Mind Connection
    Science is catching up with what shamans have always known

    Going With the Flow
    Discover the energizing effects and healing powers of shiatsu

    Inhaling Zen
    By Mariah Burton Nelson

    Dream Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    By Joseph Arpaia

    Renaming in the Face of Illness
    By Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub

  • From Alzheimer's to Art By Yvonne Betowt
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