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What's Inside the Package?
Remember what really counts when applying to college.
By Jean Fitzpatrick

Kids & Prayer FAQ
Want to start your kids on the road to prayer? The authors of 'Circle of Grace' tell you how.
By Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe

Teaching Casey to Pray
Family prayer was a failure in our house, until one special night.
By William Stephen Cross

Conversations with God
A mother who rebelled against prayer as a child confronts her child's need to pray.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt

How an Interfaith Family Prays
The emphasis is on finding points of common spirituality where prayers intersect.
By Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe

New Year's Rituals for Families
You don't have to stay up past midnight to celebrate a festive, meaningful New Year's with kids.
By Meg Cox

I Let My Son Play with Toy Guns
One mom sees no correlation between childhood games and dangerous adult behavior.
By Barbara Russo

How I Disarmed My Gun-Toting Kid
To a mother who once felt the allure of shooting, even pretend toy guns are too real.
By Lauren Thompson

Boys & Guns: What's the Attraction?
Dr. William Pollack, author of "Real Boys," discusses the biological imperative.
By William Pollack

Beyond "Respect Your Elders"
How Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists view the role of grandparents.
By Anne Morse

The Amazing Growth of Christian Communities
From monasteries to '60s communes to today's 'intentional communities,' banding together is a Christian tradition.
By Deborah Caldwell

Not Your Father's Commune
A group of young Methodists are putting their faith in "co-housing."
By Tom Sine

Kids for World Peace
At the Bruderhof Children's Crusade 2000, kids from around the world figure if they can get along, adults can too.
By Frances Borsodi Zajac

Living Like Jesus
The Bruderhof communities have a long history of Christian faith and social action.
By Frances Borsodi Zajac

Journey Toward Wholeness
The author had everything he ever wanted; yet he still felt fragmented, unsatisfied. Then he took a radical step.
By Charles E. Moore

Cheating the Kids
Test-fudging schools send the message that what really matters is whether you appear to learn.
By Gregg Easterbrook

Mrs. Vogel's Abolitionists
Fifth graders in Colorado have taken on abolishing slavery in Sudan as their class project.
By Anne Morse

Unlikely Addict
An overachieving high school student's route into--and out of--cocaine and heroin addiction.
By Maia Szalavitz

Give Peace a Chance
Teaching kids to control their anger is a value that benefits not only your family but society as a whole
By Meg Eastman, Ph.D., with Sydney Craft Rozen

Blowing Up at Kids
When you lash out at your child, you lose a lot more than control
by Liza N. Burby

Bending the Rules
We never allowed our kids to hit us--except this once
By Steven Lewis