At the onset of the pandemic, a young mother shared a precious story on my social media. She had just gotten her children down for the night when she decided to capture a few moments of reprieve before going to bed herself. She laid down on the couch when suddenly her spirit was quickened by a song, and she began to sing boldly:

I'm going to see a victory. I'm going to see a victory, for the battle belongs to the Lord!

Immediately, her children started to sing the next verse:

You take what the enemy meant for evil and You turn it for good.....You turn it for good.

With tears running down her cheeks, this young mother knew God was with them and everything was going to be all right. Not because she could make it right, but because her children knew where their help came from.

Throughout my life, I have found worship to be catalytic. Songs have always served to reconnect me with my source of strength. Not long ago, my sons were reminiscing about their childhood. They said they remembered worship music playing perpetually, with me singing along. Apparently, these childhood memories were also punctuated by visions of me dancing awkwardly and lying face down on the carpet.

I acutely remember that those were the times when John was on the road and I had come to the end of my mommy strength. I was constantly (possibly daily) overwhelmed by my inadequacies and realized my desperate need to surrender to the only One who could give me strength.

We are in days that require strength. Actually, that is a bit of an understatement. In Psalm 18:1, David simply said:

I love You, O LORD, my strength.

I have decided to echo the declaration that David made as he ran from cave to cave and wilderness to wilderness, hiding from Saul. It was in that very wasteland that David discovered God was both his strength and his refuge. Surrounded by a barren wasteland, David sang when there seemed to be more reason to be quiet. Praise and worship is more than a spiritual discipline—it is a passion, a pleasure, and a key to falling deeper in love with the Lord who is our strength.

I am no worship leader, but there is no denying the fact that worship has repeatedly led me to the Rock that is higher than I. Worship has the power to shift the atmosphere from one of heaviness and despair to one of expectancy and hope in a moment.

The words of a Spirit-breathed song can transcend music and become a prayer with the power to touch every area of your life with an anointing of hope. Even now, I would encourage you to lift your voice in song. Let it lead you away from any captivity of worry and reposition you with God wonder.

Sing your way into strength when the battle rages in your mind, when the enemy seeks to surround you with lies in the hope of imprisoning you in depression and shadowing you with shame. These are days to be strong and sing ourselves through to the other side. There was a time when God’s children found themselves in an impossible situation that should serve to encourage us all.

Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you.-2 Chronicles 20:17.

This is our time to stand firm, trusting in our God of the impossible. There is too much at risk for any of us to step back, lie down, or quit. Yes, you might mess up. We all do, you know, but what separates those who falter and fail from those who experience victory is their ability to get back up.

There are so many battles that are won by simply outlasting the enemy. We will all get knocked down. You can’t stop that, but it is up to you whether you get back up. Determine to persevere in faith—even when you don't feel strong. Your feelings will limit you because you don't actually know what you are capable of until you show yourself.

As we stand firm, our Lord fights for us. It will be hard. When did we start imagining there could be a victory without a battle? Is there a battle that you keep drawing back from? Is there spiritual ground that you have backed off of?

God is calling you back into position. He who promised you is faithful. God is strong and He wants you strong. He will reveal His strength to you so He can reveal His strength through you. When you are tired, when you want to stop, remember:

The Lord fights for us.

Sometimes the victory comes when we just keep showing up. We win as we keep loving, keep giving, keep serving, and keep learning. Other battles are won in song. When we sing the Word of God, we are singing the sword of the Spirit.

When we pray His promises, we can have confidence that we are heard.

Other battles are won in silence and surrender to Him. We are so confident that God is good—and does good—that we just smile confidently, knowing that He has it. When we go out in His strength, we can face anything—discouragement, exhaustion, or outright opposition. We are told, “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).

Almighty God, I will stand in Your faithfulness as You fight for me. I choose determination and perseverance each and every day, until the battle is won.

I Am Strong, when I stand, confident that the Lord my God is fighting for me.
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