An education at a Christian university is about more than academics. It’s about an experience that will affect every part of your life.

The Puritans who migrated to America in the 17th century brought with them a peculiar—at the time, anyway—set of beliefs. They thought that their love for God should pervade everything they did. That included everything from business to farming to digging holes. Because all callings came from God, all vocations were inherently sacred—for these Puritans, faith intermingled with career.

Before the Puritans changed the religious landscape, faith was largely confined to ceremony. People attended their religious services, but left God on the cathedral steps. After all, what place does theology have in business?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We’ve come full-circle, and are once again confining our faith within the walls of the church.

But an education from a Christian university can show you how to integrate your Christian principles into every aspect of your life, not just into your Sunday mornings. And, in doing so, you’ll become exactly the kind of person employers want—one who is not only an unusually conscientious worker, but stands ready to change the world for the better.

The possibilities are endless, so let’s look at what you can do with a Christian degree!

You Can Work Anywhere

Think you can’t get a job at an everyday secular institution with a degree from a Christian university?

Think again! You can work anywhere. And what’s more, your Christian degree will be to your advantage.

Consider what employers look for in a new hire. They want people who will show up. They want honesty and integrity. They want dedication and passion. They want people who are simultaneously easy to work with, professional, and direct—no easy task.

So, where have we heard all this before? Oh, yes—in Galatians 5:22-23.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

This is a no-brainer. Many employers are now finding that integrity and kindness matter more than a thick resume—after all, almost anyone can learn technical skills on the job, but few can easily change their very worldview in order to be more honest or well-mannered.

Every course at a Christian university will integrate its material with scripture. That means you’ll be refining your Christian worldview, along with all of those wonderful fruits of the spirit, even as you’re learning your profession.

The traits exemplified by Christ are traits that, incidentally, make for a top-notch employee, but that’s not all. With a Christian degree, you’re also going to have a little thing called passion.

You see, when someone does work not out of necessity or fear or directionless meandering, but rather out of a sincere, all-consuming love for God, that person is passionate. They work for a higher cause. They’re not sweeping floors for their boss. They’re sweeping them to the best of their ability for the God of the universe.

People will notice.

The integration of Christian principles into your vocation makes you incredibly valuable as an employee, and if you can translate and market these traits, you’re sure to have an advantage in the job market, no matter what you choose to do.

You Can Serve in the Ministry

So now you know that you can get hired anywhere with a Christian degree. But can someone with a degree from a secular school say the same thing? Not always.

Most positions within the ministry, and even with Christian organizations, favor candidates with Christian educational backgrounds.

Know what that means? Here’s a secret—unless you want to be the head of the National Atheist Society, you have a leg up on everyone else in the working world with a degree from a Christian university. You can successfully apply for secular and faith-based jobs. You can’t beat a two-for-one deal.

The ministry offers a surprisingly rich variety of vocations—the Christian Church and its affiliated organizations need scientists, writers, marketers, CEOs, and so much more. Take a look at your local Christian organization—you’ll be surprised at what opportunities might lie there.

Whatever you choose to do, working within the context of the active Christian ministry is its own incredible reward. In this sort of job, you’ll be working for the highest purpose—changing the world for the glory of God.

For a very special kind of person, this is a very special sort of job.