If you're having connection issues you may dream of a

You are dreaming of being connected to or disconnected from the people in your life. In this day and age, your cell phone represents the power and speed of thought. The instant you think of someone, you can connect to them. Whatever is happening with a ce

If you dream of a flamingo something, in life, is

The flamingo is a wading bird, so it is connected symbolically to the realm of emotions and things that are just under the surgace of the unconscious. A flamingo's elegant visage and beautiful pink color give it the added dimension of signaling in a soft

You may have emotional issues if you dream of

Water in dreams relates to emotional issues and the unconsciuos mind. A flood is the destructive experience of being overwhelmed on an emotional level. This is a fairly common dream theme and will emerge when your life is offering you experiences that are

If you dream of an otter, you should approach that aspect of life with

The otter as a symbol is all about joy and playfulness. As a creature that lives in water, the otter connects to the feminine principle and being grounded in the earth. Otters play in the waters of emotion and unconscious expression, and what they appear

If your life is moving quickly you may dream of a

If a race car implies that your life is speeding up, a race track may indicate that though you are moving very fast, you are actually getting nowhere.

Dreaming of a spider web could indicate

Profound abilities in the area of creativity are represented by the spider web. A spider's webbing is a miraculous feat of engineering and unparalleled beauty. Its purpose is twofold. On the side of nurturing, it is a home. However, it is also a weapon of

Dreaming of this item reflects the ongoing care needed to sustain security-building abilities

The teeth are directly connected to the security that comes when you can nurture and protect yourself and attract love. The toothbrush is a symbol of the ongoing care needed to sustain these security-building abilities.
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