Sweet house cat Copper fell out of a window 12 stories up... and lived!


A 3 year old climbed into the gorilla cage at the zoo. Before his parents and the zookeeper could get in to save him from the aggressive male gorillas, female gorilla Binti Jua picked the boy up and held him gently until he could be rescued.


A little old lady was stopped by a mugger in New York City. Before the mugger could take her purse, a flock of birds came down and drove him away!


Bobby, a terrier puppy in Chicago, slipped out of a window 20 stories above the street. Fortunately, a dog loving man saw the pup flying through the air and caught him, leaving Bobby a little wounded but still alive!


A great white shark attacked a surfer in the Pacific Ocean. While the surfer struggled to get away, a pod of dolphins arrived to save the day and fend off the shark!


In India, an elephant ambled into a burning building, wrapped a child up in its trunk, and carried the child out. Both survived the fire!


An English bulldog named Napoleon took on the challenge of diving into a lake to save a bag of six kittens!


Adorable cat Moxy climbed a 20 foot tree, all so she could leap over a prison fence and see her owner.

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