A story from The Push

My sweet son, Cameron, is 13 years old and has RubinsteinTaybi Syndrome-a learning disability-but you can ask his teachers, friends and family and they will all tell you his heart is so full of Joy! It's a joy that he continues to share with all! He has been the most wonderful encourager, especially to me. I know his spirit is of a 100 year old soul.

Here's a story I'd like to share!

It was a beautiful red satin dress with black lace. Because of the commission position I had accepted with the state of California, I received an invitation to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Inaugural Ball. The dress was perfect for the occasion. "Come back a few days before the ball and we'll press it for you," the store clerk said.

And so I did. But something dreadful happened. They steamed it by mistake, and the lace melted onto the satin. It was ruined, and I was crushed. I had less than 24 hours to find a new dress. With the help of the store manager and a friend, we were able to put something else together. It was an emerald green dress and I had fancy shoes to match, though my heart yearned for my original red and black dress.

The day was crazy. Before zooming off to the Ball, Cameron stopped me and said, "I'm sorry your dress was ruined, Mom. Your shoes are pretty, even though they are Vegas-looking shoes. The new dress is pretty, too, but remember, people are going to see your smile. Make sure your heart and smile are connected! People will not look at your dress or shoes. They will notice your smile and the joy in your heart!"

I hugged him. He was right, it didn't matter which dress I wore. As long as I had something suitable on, I had better make sure my heart and smile were connected.

Later on in the evening, Cameron called me to ask if I was having a good time. Amused, I shared, "There are two other ladies wearing the same red and black dress!"

"Good thing you wore the green one," he laughed. "Bet they don't have fancy Vegas shoes on!"

Since then, whenever I am having a crazy day, he reminds me, "Hello! Your heart and smile are not connected!" He will even leave us a note taped to the front door for all of us to read before we leave: "Make sure your heart and smile are connected today, Love Cameron."

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