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A story from The Push

Isn't spring an invigorating season? Every year it seems like many of us have budding experiences in this rejuvenating time of year. New elements are bursting forth, just like the beautiful buds blossoming into their next life phase.

I especially remember one spring when my children were young. I was at home with my 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. I noticed my daughter, Katie, was particularly quiet so I peeked around the corner to see why. She was sitting about halfway up the steps holding one of her shoes. We'd worked on tying a bow earlier that week. Now she was intently making loops on the little shoe strings, absolutely determined to tie a bow on her own.

Despite her focused labor, the strings weren't cooperating. Persistently, she kept starting over, and over, and over. The birth of a bow surely had to come soon! I was amazed at her patience. But suddenly she'd had it. As she stood and sent the shoe hurling across the full length of the living room, she simultaneously screamed and began sobbing.

Something told me to stay out of sight, to wait and watch. Her crying peaked, then waned and stopped. She sat silently for a few more seconds. Then she arose and walked calmly over to the shoe and picked it up. With utter resolve she returned to the step and resumed her effort. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful bouncing bow was born! We rejoiced with great celebration.

This story is one of the miracles in my life.

My daughter's feat was not heroic, but to me her perseverance was. For you see, that spring I felt dead. No buds, no blossoms. I was suddenly and unexpectedly single. As a teacher on an extended maternity leave, the jobs I sought were non-existent. Fear ruled my being. That is, until a little flying shoe was retrieved and pampered by its precious pitcher.

Hope poured into my soul. Seemingly endless amounts of courage and creativity burst forth like buds blossoming in a fast motion film. Metaphorically, my "untied shoe" was money. It was up to me alone to financially support my family, but I didn't know how. When I got discouraged, I thought of Katie picking up that shoe. I would pick myself up and learn how to tie my "money shoes" into a bow for stability and growth. I vowed to tie together the financial and emotional journey in healthy ways.

The origin of the money rascal personalities I developed later in my career goes back to this story. I love doing money personality seminars. No matter what you earn or how you feel about money, you'll discover some rejuvenating gems when you look at your money through a new lens. You'll be ready to "spring into action" and you won't have to throw anything across the room!

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