A story from The Power of Attitude.

OUR ATTITUDE in many ways ties directly to your "inner voice" that forever asks the question . . . "Are you moving toward your dream?" If your answer is "yes," then hope breeds contentment. However, if the answer is "no, it's too late," despair may fester within your subconscious. You might not even realize why your life lacks joy.

I can say this with conviction . . . "It is never too late to be what you could have been." Dreams are free, and just having them can make your life worth living.

Ray Kroc is one of my business heroes. He founded McDonald's when he was 52 years old, after trying for over two years and talking to more than one hundred people to raise the money. Fifteen years ago, I had the good fortune of talking to Tom Seay, one of the potential investors whom Ray approached. Tom told me how Ray had come to his office one Friday afternoon with his business plan for this "crazy idea" called McDonald's. For $100,000 he was offering Tom thirty percent of the company. Tom told him that he didn't have the time to review it then but that he would take it home over the weekend.

Monday morning rolled around, and Ray was waiting at the front door when Tom got to his office. Tom invited him in and said, "Ray, I read this plan three times; even shared it with a friend. And we both decided that there's no way in the world you can make any money selling hamburgers."

We all know that Ray thought otherwise; and the rest, of course, is history.

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