A story from Simple Truths of Life.

I've learned it is okay to answer "no"

with strong tenacity

for even a large, porous sponge

reaches its capacity!

There's a quote I bought on a framed print that reads:

"Life is hard, yard by yard. Inch by inch, it's a cinch."

My brother John, better known within the family as a "creative genius," had his own version of this perception. He once told me, during one of the more harried periods of his life, that he'd like to just take his brain out and rinse it. At first I laughed, but as the years have passed, I've often wished, theoretically at least, that I could do that very thing...just rinse off the "clutter" and the unnecessary thoughts that continually bog down my mind and prevent me from living in the moment and being able to just "be."

In this busy time, we often have trouble concentrating on the task at hand. I remember one day about ten years ago when I came in after grocery shopping with my two little girls. I had my arms full of bags and literally dropped them on the floor as I closed the door behind me. Both girls ran quickly in the opposite direction to avoid being asked to help put the groceries away.

I was busy putting everything in its place when I heard a knock on the door. I looked out the peephole and saw a man standing there with a clipboard. I was annoyed, to be honest, because that's the last thing I needed! I peered out the window in a disapproving manner and made a visual sign (much like an umpire's "out") that we were not interested. I turned to walk away when I heard knock, knock, knock. I thought to myself, great...just great ...all I need is a persistent salesman right now. I went back to the window, opened it this time and told him I was not interested in whatever he was peddling. There! With that, I closed and locked the window.

I turned to walk away and again heard knock, knock, knock. This time I got a little nervous, so I brought with me my man-eating golden retriever, who would no doubt lick this would-be intruder's face, before showing him where my jewelry was kept. I opened the window another six inches and again repeated that I was not interested. To which this gentleman politely replied, as he held my dangling key ring in front of the window, "I thought you might need these..."

Apparently, in my haste, I had left the house keys dangling from the front door lock.

I quickly replied to the young man, "Oh...uhm...thanks.What were you selling? I'll buy twelve..."

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