The Introduction from Finding Joy...Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Life can be complicated, but happiness...is simple. Of course, we try our best to make it complicated, but if we look closely, it's really very simple. And that's what this little book is all about...simple secrets to a happy life!

Sit down in a quiet place, and slowly soak up every page. Don't hurry, just take a deep breath, read each thought, and reflect on how it might apply to your life. Think about what is...and what could be, if your mind and heart are open to change.

Here is the real key to making this book all it can be...keep it close, and read it often. Because in a perfect world we read something once, record it in our brain, and never need to read it again.

But we all know we live in a world that is far from perfect. We each have doubts, fears and disappointments that require doses of inspiration to bring us back to where we should be...to re-direct us to what's really important in life.

Finding Joy is filled with life-changing quotes, award-winning photographs and a 3 minute movie that is guaranteed to put a smile in your heart. It will make a treasured gift for anyone in your life.

Click here to take a look inside of the book!!

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