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Losing someone you care about is an incredibly difficult process. We all process grief differently, and going through the stages can be taxing on most. One way we can find comfort is by learning how to set up lines of communication with our loved ones that have crossed over.

Many might be skeptical about such a process, but you do not need to go to a medium in order to talk to a dead loved one. You can reunite with your husband, father, son or sister at any time, so long as you have the basic tools, knowledge and information available. You can start learning the communication process in order to connect with those you love and want to get to know in spirit.

They May Come to You

After death communication is common after the loss of a loved one. There are many ways that your loved one might actually try to reach out to you, but you have to be aware of the signs. Through dreams, feeling sensations or simply hearing a meaningful song on the radio while having a stressful day, it might be your deceased loved ones attempt to connect with you after their passing.

Many people get nervous when their loved one tries to contact them. They wonder why and if something is wrong. Reality is, they might just want to say hello! Have you ever called a friend just to say hi? Maybe you miss them or are curious about what they’ve been up to. It’s the same for those in spirit. They might have just wanted you to know they were thinking of you, that they are there for you, or wanted you to know they were doing alright.

If you aren't getting any immediate signs from your loved one after their passing, that's alright too. Some spirits are able to start connecting right away, but others need a little more time to settle in. Don't be upset if you’re not sensing the presence of your loved one. It doesn’t mean that our loved ones aren’t around. They are, but sometimes it takes us a little while to notice.

Demand a Sign

In order to identify a sign from Spirit, you have to know what it is that you are looking for, exactly. So to begin, many start by identifying the most common types of communication methods their loved one has available. These are the dreams, radio songs, or the like that they may send. However you don't have to wait for them to give you a sign. You can be specific and demanding as to what you want for a sign. When you are specific, you don't run the risk of missing out on other signs they may be trying to send. This reduces the amount of confusion in the communication process.

Sense Their Presence

Not all spirits feel ‘the same’, and it's likely that you have experience the sensation of someone being around you. Everyone has a different way of being. All of your passed loved ones, angels and guides may feel different to you. It’s just like being around a best friend compared to being around a co-worker here on earth. Their presences make you feel a different way, when compared side by side. This one will take some time and practice, but you will be able to start differentiating between the different spirits that surround you.

Know When to Expect a Visit

There are a few very common visitation times, but there are also visitation times that are specifically special to you and your loved one. These can include anniversaries, birthdays and major life events. These are all events that your loved ones do not want to miss out on. Even non-annual life events, such as sending a child off to college or buying a new home, are opportunities for your loved one to reach out to you. Our loved ones in heaven see all of our ups and downs, joys and sorrows. They want us to know that they’re around to be there through it all.

Other times you are more likely to get a visit include when you are alone, during difficult times in your life, or in a dream. Your alone time is one of the only times of day when you are not distracted by other people, and thus more likely to notice the subtle shift in the presence of another. The fewer distractions you have, the clearer your mind is, and the more likely a deceased loved one might be able to get your attention. This is why dreams are also a great avenue, because it may be the only time your loved one can get you sitting still and relaxed.

When you learn the hows and whys of spirit communication, the most common ways your loved one will want to connect with you, and when to look for it, then most of your work is done. All that’s left is the step of your loved one actually sending the signal.

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