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A goddess is a powerful female deity, linked to virtues such as beauty, love and motherhood. Regardless if you consider yourself a preppy girl or a strong tomboy, each of us as women has a feminine side that can be tapped into. Connecting with your inner goddess is a sure-fire way to instantly feel happier, healthier, and sexier.

Ancient goddesses understood and honored the beauty of being a woman, and reclaiming those ideals can help you find balance and power as a modern goddess. When life gets busy and stress levels get high, embodying that gorgeous, divine energy can be challenging. In times like these we connect more deeply to our masculine side, which can leave you feeling imbalanced. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to rectify this lack of goddess energy.

Are you ready to break into your feminine power and take the much needed time to reconnect with your inner self?

Dress to impress…

One sign that you have dipped too far into your masculine side is constantly wearing harsh, dark colors, baggy clothing, and having a general lack of regard for your appearance. When is the last time you got dressed up for an important date? Take a night to sit down and put on your favorite flowy dress, do your hair and put on your make-up. Do whatever it is that makes you feel like a beautiful goddess. Pick your outfits based on what makes you feel your most confident, not what is trendy or what you think others will like. Experiment with color and have fun!

…but remember you are more than your physical body.

Aphrodite had small breasts, a soft belly and full hips. Her huntress niece goddess Artemis was lanky and lean. Did they ever apologize for how they looked? Absolutely not. While looking your best can help boost your self-confidence, the truth is that femininity comes from within. Falling in love with yourself isn’t an easy task, but it’s something we all should strive for. It allows us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. No matter what is on the outside, the amount of love, kindness, and heart you share with others is much more radiant. Are you someone that regularly gives back to your community, or is always the friend who will listen during hard times? Pay attention to what makes you special, and write them down.

Be open with your emotions.

As women, we are often shamed for being too sensitive or overly emotional. Despite what people say, this is not a bad thing. As females we are intuitive and our sensitivity can be a gift to this world. We are able to connect with others to form deeper and more meaningful relationships. Our capacity to love others is remarkable! If you feel you haven’t been connecting with your emotions recently, take time to meditate. We sometimes get to busy and ignore important emotions we should be focusing on.

Take inspiration from other women.

Nicole Markardt once said “embracing our inner goddess allows for the expansion of the collective female experience.” As women, we should always be lifting each other up. We are taught to be threatened by or fear each other, but instead we should be finding inspiration in each other’s experiences. Harping on envy and jealously only dims our inner light. Instead, remember that there is more than enough beauty, kindness and wisdom to go around. Find something about each woman you meet that enlightens you.

Celebrate your senses.

A sign that you have left your inner goddess behind is when you spend all day caught up in your head with zero time spent on yourself. This lack of self-care is exhausting both mentally and physically. For example, are you someone that spends all of your workday at a desk and then numbs themselves out with trashy TV when you get home? Instead of choosing to numb out, it’s time to stimulate your self-care regimen. Defuse some essential oils and have a hot steamy bath, go on a long run with your favorite music playing in your ears, or enjoy a large bowl of your favorite fruit. Savor each moment you have by staying mentally present in the moment.

Be your own best friend.

Spending time alone with yourself should be something you look forward to, not something you are scared of. Have you ever travelled to a new country alone, or even gone to see a new movie by yourself? Doing so can be a fun way for you to enjoy spending time with yourself. This gives you time to sit and reflect without any additional distractions. You are forced to hear every one of your thoughts, and handle them accordingly. Goddesses treat themselves with love and respect, so don’t let your thoughts get too negative. Think about it this way: if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.

Be proud of what you accomplished.

As a busy bee, you probably get into the habit of rushing through a thousand different tasks without really ever taking a moment to honor the work you have done. If you want to release your inner goddess, you have to break this habit. Give yourself some credit for all the amazing things you have done in a day, a week, and even your life. Show yourself some appreciation and love, by saying to yourself “I did it!” Women are powerful beings that accomplish so much, and it’s worth celebrating.

Connecting to your feminine side can help you blossom into a more confident woman. No matter what stressors are in your life, there is always a way to make time for your own self-care. What is your favorite way to nurture your inner goddess?

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