Is it time to run away from Corporate America, or continue bracing it?

Our priorities change over the years, so do our career goals. Here are ways to reassess if it’s time to move on to a smaller organization, or continue dealing with corporate life.

Many people in the youth culture and older people are disenchanted with corporate life. The cubical, kissing up to people to get ahead, the garbage hours, and starring at a computer all day are burning people out.

Research showed that despite the high unemployment rate an estimated 2 million people in America are leaving their jobs voluntarily. Forbes published a great called, ‘I'm Outta Here!’ in 2013 and explains cited the reasons.

1. They don’t like their boss

2. They have lack of empowerment

3. Internal politics

4. Lack of recognition

The solution is to list the pros and cons of moving on and remaining in Corporate America. People are starting their own businesses, so they can spend time with family. Some are moving to non-profits and smaller firms to make a difference.

Maybe you love the speed of corporate life, and that’s good, too. It's up to you. There are also pit falls for leaving a bigger company is lower income, benefits, networking, and job growth. At a smaller place you might not make as much, but there could be less ruthlessness and competition.

In the end don’t do anything in haste. Make sure you are prepared to make the move by using research, wisdom, and do what is right for your family. Upgrade your resume, and develop contacts on the way regardless of the decision to remain in Corporate America or to branch on your own.

Regardless, if you want to lead a huge organization or not--help others along the way.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”- @BillGates

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