Oh my, if we only knew the rubbish, trials, heartbreak and folly that awaits us in life ahead of time. If only there was a way to go travel back in time like Marty McFly and Doc Brown did in "Back to the Future." Then we could hop into the DeLorean and visit our younger selves and intercede to arrest all those snares and difficulties. Don't you hate reality sometimes? Since we don’t have that advantage we will pretend to go back in time and give advice to the pint-sized you. Can we still do something to correct our destiny or are we doomed from past mistakes? For the sake of argument, let's simulate that we could guide our younger selves. What would you prepare them for? Would you tell them to not date certain guys or would you advise them on career alternatives? Here are 6 warnings to consider during your pilgrimage with your younger self.

Don't allow the past to dissuade you.

Use failure as a springboard to move forward. Things are in the past for a reason, so let them be. That is why we call it the past! Keep this in mind moving forward on any journey, and refuse to be stuck or rooted in fear like “I can’t do it.” If a project or relationship did not work out, so be it. Ask yourself if the pain of regret or disappointment is feeding your future. You are the one who decides whether you are happy or not. Don't give away your power to anything or anyone by being stuck in the past. The past doesn't have to command their destiny or their happiness.

Don't disregard your parents.

When you're young, you think your parents will be there unendingly. We should share with our younger self that they won't always be there. Tell them that time is inestimable and they will never be able to recapture moments with them again, so make it count. Our younger self is probably really rebellious, but you can plant the seeds and ensure them to honor their parents before it is too late.

Don't waste your time on every battle.

Another valuable lesson to teach them is to pick their conflicts judiciously. Fighting them 100 percent will leave them emotionally abandoned. For example, one's happiness and joy are more paramount than being ultra-focused on their careers. Also, some discussions are not worth getting into with people like politics and public policies. They can't avoid all negative things in life, but they can make healthier choices on what is worth fighting for. Additionally, if they can't fight a battle constructively, then they don't need to attempt it. "If your goal is to hurt or just express your anger, you're fighting for the wrong reasons. Every single argument you have ought to aim to improve an undesirable situation," lifehack.com reported.

Don't allow fear to rule.

Seize the moment by learning habits to overcome fear now, rather than later. Fear can drain you of energy and could lead to depression. Psalm 56:3 said: “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Make a list of all your strengths, preferred Scriptures and keep it handy when you are feeling down.
Fear will come, but it is up to us to unmask it and face it head-on. Use this as motivation to tackle the situation instead of it conquering you.

Don't be a mere follower.

Beware of the negative influences of the media and world leaders. Tell them to start thinking for themselves and then make a well-informed conclusion. When we concentrate only on the information that we get from the media, we allow ourselves to get sucked into a counteractive sequence and the younger you is not excluded. They have the ability to investigate doctrines and truths for themselves. When people say it’s always been done a particular way, that’s when someone who goes against the grain stands up in the opposite direction and refuses to just be a follower. 

Don't assume success is easy.

You will fail at times and you will succeed. Author Carol Roth wrote that success is not always linear, and sometimes when we are delayed it can work out for our benefit. She explained: “If your mind knows that’s part of the process and removes the uncertainty around it, it’s easier to embrace.” Maybe there was a partial victory, but the entire the goal was not reached. Instead of harping on the downside, look upwards of what was accomplished. In life there will be bittersweet wins and losses, it's just the game that we're in.

While we wait for our DeLorean to arrive, it suffices to say that we will never be able to go back in time to correct our mishaps. If you could, what advice would you offer a younger you?
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