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We all need to shield ourselves before we go out the door. Just as we put on clothes to protect our body and carry an umbrella in the rain, we must put on our psychic shield to protect our energy. Creating your psychic protection shield should be done every day. In the morning, make time to create your shield. White light works best, but there are a variety of visualizations you can use to enhance your psychic shield. Try some of these this week and see how much stronger you feel. 

The Bubble 

A favorite psychic shield is imagining a bubble of white light around you. Imagine this bubble of light extending about six inches above your head, around your body and descending about six inches below your feet. To reinforce this imagine, picture someone running at you and bouncing off the bubble. You can also draw the bubble with your hand and walk through it. If you’re attuned to Reiki II, draw the empowerment symbol as tall as you are and walk through it. A Bubble Shield is a wonderful way to keep negativity bouncing off you and returning to the sender. 

The Disco Ball 

If you’re going to be in large crowds or traveling, imagine a mirrored disco ball and see yourself walking into it. The mirrors will deflect any negative energy back to its sender. Mirrors have long been a symbol of protection.  Imagine yourself standing in a mirrored ball and visualize any negativity heading your way being deflected back to the sender.  This shield is best used when you’re going to be in a crowded concert arena, airport, shopping mall or any area where you’ll be bombarded by energy from a crowded group.

The Purple Flame 

If your negativity tends to stem from your own inner worry and anxiety, try the Purple Flame Technique. First, ground yourself by imagining tree roots coming out the base of your feet and traveling into the ground. Take several deep breaths and focus on your solar plexus chakra located above your navel. Picture a yellow flame glowing here. See it growing and expanding until it fills up your entire body with its warm, glowing light. Visualize the yellow light turning bluish purple and then blending into a beautiful purple flame. This spiritual fire will burn away any and all negativity within your energy. 

The Tornado Technique 

Try the Tornado Shield when you’re going to be around negative people and energy vampires. Before you walk into a contentious situation, imagine a swirling white light starting around your feet. Visualize it churning around your body in a clockwise direction 12 times until the swirling energy reaches above your head. Continue swirling this tornado around your aura.  Any chaotic negativity sent your way will be swept up in your very own tornado to be broken up and dissolved. See your Tornado Shield pushing out until you’re protected for at least three feet in all directions around you.

The Cloak of Invisibility 

If you need to keep a low profile at a family reunion, in the classroom or a business meeting, here’s how to do it. Imagine putting on a clear, see through cloak.
Pull the hood over your head and zip up the front of the cloak. Imagine people walking right passed you and not see you.  Don’t use this shield if you want to be noticed at work or out and about.  The Cloak of Invisibility should only be used when you want to go about your day under the radar.

Knight in Shining Armor

If you’re facing a situation where you need to be extra strong, imagine yourself putting on a suit of armor. Pull on the metal legs, the steel plate, the arm sleeves, the helmet and put the face shield down. Now pick up your shield. You can imagine any important symbols on it that resonate for you. You can even create a coat of shields to further strengthen the energy of your shield. Wearing this type of psychic protection reminds you that you’re in charge of your energy. This is a great technique to use when you need to feel empowered, bold and strong. 

As you move throughout your day exploring these different shielding techniques, you’ll soon realize that these shields are invaluable for keeping your energy protected and safe.  You can also imagine and project these shields onto others around you. If your child is worried about the first day of school, imagine a bubble shield around them.  If your friend is going through a tough time, project the Violet Flame shield around them to help them transmute their worries.  As you become aware of your energy, and your ability to control it, you will start to feel stronger, healthier and happier. 
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