We’ve all met them – those people that just suck the life out of you. Their problems are always dramatic, over-the-top and more important than yours. They are needy, complaining, negative and gossipy. They are Energy Vampires. Some of you reading this are married to them, work for them and have to face them in your family, neighborhood and work gatherings. But there is hope; there are ways to protect your energy from being drained by these people. The following are five effective tools – garlic if you will – to help protect your energy and your sanity.

Crossing your arms is an almost instinctual move many of us do when we’re around negative people. When you cross your arms in a folded position over your chest, you’re protecting your solar plexus chakra – the seat of your personal power. You can also cross your fingers. This will help lock in your aura so their energy can’t effect yours.

Use the the Mirror Effect.If you know you’re going to be around a negative person, you can protect yourself in advance by visualizing mirrors surrounding you from head to toe. This deflect’s the person’s negativity back to the source. Let’s say you have to see your ex at a mediation hearing, and the divorce proceedings have not been amicable. Before you get into the car, imagine a glittering disco ball in front of you. See yourself walking inside this disco ball and the little squares of mirrors shining out all around you. If you have to have your in-laws for a visit, and they’re often unkind to you, or your boss constantly puts you down, hang a disco ball ornament in place where you can see it often to remind yourself to walk into the disco ball. It works!

Freeze them out. This is an old metaphysical trick that is very effective. Take a plastic water bottle and write down the name of the Energy Vampire or Vampires in your life. Place this slip of paper in the water bottle and put the water bottle in the freezer. This will freeze their energy from effecting yours.

The Prickly Cactus is a tip that works great for people going through messy divorces or who have annoying neighbors. If anyone is bothering you in your home, buy a cactus plant and place it on the curb furthest away from your home – usually by the mailbox. Write the name of the Energy Vampire on a piece of paper and place the paper underneath the cactus. This will make sure their energy can’t intrude upon your home. Don’t place a cactus in your home. This can create volatile energy that you want to avoid.

Pink has a nurturing, calming energy to it, so when you find yourself around an angry, negative person, close your eyes for a moment and imagine wrapping them in pink cotton candy. Infuse their energy with the loving light of pink, and you’ll see their anger slowly but surely dissipating.

Of course, sometimes the best way to deal with an Energy Vampire is to walk away. It’ important to love yourself enough that you know you don’t have to put up with their negativity. At the heart of any Energy Vampire is fear, doubt and insecurity. No one can change this person except the love that comes from true faith. You can’t change an Energy Vampire. Period. Only their higher power can do that and only if they ask for help.

So know that sometimes the best protection from a negative person is to walk away. The more you walk your truth and live a spiritual life, the less attracted these people will be to you. Hold your head high, live from a place of love, act with kindness always, and you will always be surrounded by a white light of love, protection and guidance.

Samantha Fey is an intuitive medium, Reiki master and writer.  She offers readings and co-hosts a weekly podcast called PsychicTeachers. For more information, visit her website at www.thecrystalchick.com .

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