It is no secret that we go through different stages as the passing years go by. Astrology recognizes seven important stages for personal growth and development. Perhaps you are in the life cycle of wild enthusiasm (age 21-24) of new experiences and wondering which path to follow. Or looking at 30 and deciding upon a new relationship or career direction, one that you can count on and not regret. Or in the tumultuous years of 38-45 traditionally called the mid-life crises and wondering what you need to do in order to have an authentic and fulfilled life. Your eyes may be focused on a new decade with turning 60 anticipating a new chapter in your life. As you acknowledge the importance of these cycles you can embrace and celebrate your growth and transformation. Knowing these time frames and what you can expect helps you navigate the unknown and brings you more control over creating your future.

Age 21 - 24

At 21, Saturn is at a 3/4 turn to the position it was when one was born and Uranus is making its first 1/4 turn. This is a time of balancing responsibilities with new and exciting challenges. Freedom is strong along with the urge to do life owns own way.

Between the ages of 21 - 24 one experiences Saturn, Uranus and at 24 Jupiter, This 3 year period can be the most productive, exciting and transformative time of a person’s life, setting the stage for years ahead.

If one owns being responsible for their choices and actions (Saturn) is being true to themselves, Uranus, (not another person’s or society expectations) and embraces a positive confidence and belief of being able to accomplish, Jupiter, then the road ahead is free of pot holes and speed bumps for many years.

Age 28 - 30

The next decisive turning point is between the ages of 28-30 when Saturn returns to the position it was at birth. If the road taken during the ages of 21 - 24 were not in alignment with a person’s higher self and true calling then this is a time to make the changes needed. It could be divorce or changing professions, cleaning up ones act and leaving the old patterns behind. Saturn is always a time of looking at life from a realistic perspective. The cracks appear in the foundation that one has built their life upon. Negative relationships? Time to leave. Dead end job? Reassess where you want to make your living. Too much drinking and junk food? Time to clean out the system and hit the gym or yoga studio. No opportunities where you live? Pack your bags and head for the end of another rainbow.

Being willing to take a serious look at one’s life and take on the changes that your inner voice is speaking is critical in equipping one for the next phase of life. Think of it as making the effort that your car is ready for a trip across Death Valley going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Preparation is essential in case of unexpected break downs.

Age 35 - 45

Barring no major transits (astrological influences) to your personal planets, sailing through your early to mid-30's stays the course when you have positioned yourself with the wind at your back and your compass pointing in the direction of your choice. The navigation gets tricky between the ages of 38- 45 when you have a convergence of 4 of the major outer planets aspecting their natal positions with the additional solar arc progression stressing out all your chart with a 45 degree angle. Saturn will be opposing Saturn, Neptune will Square Neptune, Pluto squares natal Pluto and shortly thereafter Uranus is opposite the position of Uranus in ones chart when they were born. From an astrological perspective it is amazing that anyone survives these years without significant changes in their personal world. The truth is many don't. It is a time when those who had children at a young age are dealing with the kids being an adult and moving on. Changing jobs or even careers is normal. Going back to school for a second or advanced degree is all very common during this time period as is deciding whether to stay in a committed relationship.

Pluto to Pluto has not always occurred at such a young age, in fact in most people’s grandparents age group they did not face the power struggle conflict until closer to 60. However since the orbit of Pluto is unusual and elliptical (inclined at a 17 degree angle and lies on a different plane than the other planets) the discrepancies between generations reaching their Pluto square Pluto transit is off as much as 20 years.

Today we have the fate to face issues regarding deep introspection of personal empowerment and growth during a time when one could be knee deep in raising a family and advancing their career. Pluto is a strong psychological component of exploring the purpose and meaning of life. Is this all there is? What am I here for? What am I doing? Why am I the way I am? At times individuals will hire a personal or career coach to help them get to a new level of personal awareness and growth.