Reprinted with permission of Mooncircles.

In our world where the flames of misunderstanding are consuming the world dialogue, let us remember during this Full Moon the passing of a woman who held the heart of the civil rights movement through her love, dignity and dedicated life of social and political activism. Thank you, Coretta Scott King.
AWAKEN ! We are all being flooded with the light of consciousness as the Age of Aquarius dawns. There is awakening, uprising, surging, a movement of mankind all over the world. Disruptions abound. Gazing at the sky we see light, order, movement, and beauty - a harmony of the spheres. Looking down at the land we see nature quietly and harshly but inexorably moving through her seasons. It is a time of contrasts and pulsing energy. Fires are burning here in the United States in churches and in nature; and throughout the world flames are lighting outrage at cultural differences. Humanity is the province of Aquarius the amalgam of many diverse races, cultures, traditions and peoples. As we combine them in ever more fluid populations throughout the world we see the inevitable clash of Leo egos.

Our Aquarian baptism of evolving and resistant consciousness is struggling for harmony. It is well to remember that we seek ourselves through humanity – to become self aware, to become aware of the others like us and those many unlike us, to examine the self in a larger social context. Rights and responsibilities, intuitive mind and rational mind, personal ego and social consciousness – as individuals we find harmony within the world of humanity through acceptance and integration.

Who’s right in this conflict over the freedom of ideas and respect for religious and cultural traditions? Clashing human egos, polarization, the resistance of fixed minds to authentic dialogue reveals the shadow of Leo challenging us to calm our ideas and beliefs, our rational mind, long enough to listen to our intuitive mind. The Leo stage of life is full of drama – voices, demands and perspectives. We must step back and become the Aquarian observer of the play unfolding. What is evolving? Where is the meaning? What is the moral of this play that seeks to awaken us to a larger integration and recognition of our universality?

Leo’s Moon whispers of the power of being and becoming me, creating my life, being treated with respect by others, and stamping the world with my unique destiny. Yet if we go deeper Leo is the eternal flame of the life force glowing with the pride and beauty of self consciousness – a fullness of self. Are we living our own play fully? Are we exploring and manifesting our creative desires, following our bliss, living joyfully, embracing risk to grow, leading others where we see a purpose and lovingly being? The light of this full Moon emanates from the archetype of Aquarius who eternally pours forth the waters of consciousness upon humanity. Aquarius does not discriminate, instead he calls us all to remember that we are all brothers and sisters, that we are all only a part of humanity. We are our own special piece of that grand design of life. Though society, the realm of Aquarius, may rule with might and power, does it rule gently with a Leo heart holding the inner purpose of love and light?

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