Anna Nicole Smith appearing before the Supreme Court? Churches conducting "Porn Sunday" services? Illegal government surveillance? Good Lord! From Oct. 25, 2005 through Nov. 23, 2006, a rare combination (once in 248 years) between the planets of sex (Pluto) and religion (Jupiter) is at play in the heavens.

In astrology, this specific state known as "mutual reception" happens when two planets are transiting in each other's ruling sign. Right now, Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is in Scorpio, and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in Sagittarius.

Mutual reception is potent. It strengthens and intensifies the expression and potential impact of the planets involved: they now work together as if there is some sort of secret agreement to aid one another's effectiveness. To better understand how this might unfold during the next 11 months, here's some background:

Discovered in 1930, Pluto, "Lord of the Underworld," is the outermost planet in our solar system. With its uneven orbit and 248-year cycle, Pluto spends anywhere from 10 to nearly 30 years in a sign.

In a horoscope, Pluto rules sex, psychology, death, and regeneration. When under Pluto's influence, there is no choice but to surrender to deep transformation. We are vulnerable--and must yield to the feeling of being overcome by fate. As a slow moving outer planet, Pluto is about the transformative evolution of the collective; it defines the zeitgeist of a generation. When Pluto entered Sagittarius--the sign of religion, ethics, and morality--in 1995, it ushered in a time of intense religious "My God is better than your God" polarization and the socio-cultural-political upheaval that accompanies that sort of lunacy.

The rift between world religions and political ideologies deepened and intensified. Sex scandals in the Catholic church made headlines, as did unprecedented outbreaks of violence in high schools, courts, and universities. The world of communication transformed and rapidly accelerated, as millions went online and cell phones and instant messaging became commonplace. The entrance of Uranus and Neptune into the sign of Aquarius in 1997 and 1998, respectively, added to the frenzy of technological growth.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Known for its expansiveness, good luck, and generosity, Jupiter is called "the greater benefic." Jupiter spends a little more than a year in each sign, and a complete Jupiter cycle through all 12 signs takes just under 12 years. Jupiter is now in Scorpio.

In addition to sex, death and psychology, magnetic Scorpio rules what lies beneath the surface, "other people's money," and collective resources. Jupiter in Scorpio knows where the bodies are buried but that its probably best to keep his mouth shut. To appreciate the powerful hypnotic spell that this placement can cast, as well as its mystique, raucous humor, and investigative skill, check out the roster of fascinating (and occasionally diabolical) people with Jupiter in Scorpio: Mata Hari, Aleister Crowley, Stephen King, Uri Geller, Deepak Chopra, Steven Spielberg, Liz Smith, Linda Blair, Elvis Presley, Magic Johnson, Lucille Ball, the Dalai Lama, Henry Kissinger, Alfred Hitchcock, Al Capone, L. Ron Hubbard, Sharon Stone, David Letterman, Billy Crystal, Elton John, Larry David, Glenn Close, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Will religious fanaticism or corruption trials rule the day? Read more >>

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  • The last Jupiter in Scorpio transit (Nov. 11, 1993 to Dec. 9, 1994) was marked by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton's failed attempt to revamp health care in the United States, the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and the start of the O.
    J. Simpson trial. Many believe that the Simpson trial marked a disturbing turning point in our legal system because of his probable guilt and the fact that money and power appeared to buy his freedom. (It's worth noting, too, that Simpson has Jupiter in Scorpio and that Hillary Clinton, who is a Scorpio, missed it by days--her Jupiter is in early Sagittarius.) The spirit of the law, it seemed, was no longer that important.