Reprinted with permission of Mooncircles.

Think of a solitary mountain goat, deftly leaping from stone to stone, in the high altitudes, while below, lies the vast snowy theater of the world. This New Moon you’re the goat. And your life is the breath-taking, intricate, and treacherous mountain. Your focus? Keeping your balance, of course! According to the Austrian philosopher-clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner, balance is the psycho-physical sense we must develop in Capricorn. When we steady ourselves, we steady the world. If we slip and free fall, the world goes spinning. What you do this cycle may determine your footing for the entire year.

Capricorn is a climber, inspired by high goals. But nothing is gained without first achieving balance on the immediate terrain. This may be the underlying origin of New Year’s resolutions—though it’s easy to hate this tradition. Too often resolutions result from a quick slurp of Capricorn’s draught. Made hastily, emotionally, preposterously, they’re often the set-up for failure and disappointment. I’ve heard the most successful resolutions are not made on New Year’s Eve. Rather they evolve over time, developing from a commitment that’s strong on the inside and well-planned on the outside. This Capricorn Moon cycle favors the process of regaining your balance, not just a one-time declaration.

This New Moon, ask yourself: What do I need to do? What do I need to un-do? Where do I need to go? How can I best steady myself for accomplishment in the year ahead? With the Sun and Moon inconjunct Saturn, in the New Moon chart, expect to make adjustments. Use your inner authority to determine what is best not just for you, but for everyone concerned. Saturn is sensitive to larger cultural needs. It asks that we take a responsible position in the collective as a whole. This may mean some fine-tuning of our personal ambitions. Find some quiet time at this New Moon to contemplate how your gifts can best serve this larger need. Then, with the Sun/Moon trine to Mars, operating like a celestial wind at your back, go forward with energy and positive desire!

Look to the house of your birth chart where the New Moon falls: here’s your personal seed bed. This is the place you usually "do Capricorn" and where each year at this time, you need to re-invigorate your Capricorn mission. Years ago I had an astrology reading in which the astrologer forecast my personal month-by-month agenda. "In January," she said, "it’s time to get down to business." Later I realized she’d done nothing more complicated than describe the essence of Capricorn, the sign of this month’s new moon. Simple as it was, her advice worked well--and it is the kind of advice I offer each month to students in my Twelve Moons Workshop-by-Mail. The Capricorn cycle is an auspicious time to commit to positive creative work for the coming year. If you’d like to strengthen your experience of this and each New Moon in 2006, I invite you to check out the information on my seasonal/new moon workshop. Each month you’ll receive a 20-page workbook to guide and inspire you through the cycle. I’d love to have you join us!

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