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"I want the cat off my lap," writes Poet Ginger Andrews, "my dishes done, my headache gone./ I want my husband's fishing pole off the dining table,/ his sandshrimp back in the sand./ I want my oven cleaned,/ my kitchen floor mopped./ I want somebody else/ to pick up every single pile of dog crap in the back yard."

I've got a list like that. Maybe you do too. And the Sagittarius New Moon says: bring `em on! All the cranky details of your life can be transformed this cycle-if you can change your mind. Mars and Mercury are still retrograde; Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars are still hovering in the range of a teeth-gnashing Grand Cross. Perhaps your past few weeks have been like mine. The modem on my computer gave up, the new DSL service took three weeks and several tech people to install, my expensive espresso machine died, and every time I answered my phone, it sounded like planes were landing and taking off in my headset. My son brought home his worst grades ever. And then there was the chapter my agent said I needed to rewrite again.

The frustrations and losses of last month's Scorpio cycle were meant to teach us patience, perseverance and resilience. They reminded us of how, whatever happens, we can put one foot in front of the other and survive. But Sagittarius plays an entirely different game. Even if the trials are the same, we're meant to take them to a higher plane. In this expansive, Jupiter-ruled cycle, we're invited to explore the wider meanings in the nagging details of our lives. We need to train our eyes on higher truths, change the way we look at things. In Sagittarius, we need to expand our minds.

Oh boy. Another thing to add to your long to-do list. But I don't mean it that way. Transforming your mind should be fun--like freeing a horse from the stable, to gallop across green pastures, feeling giddy with the joy of movement. How do we do this when there are floors to sweep and wars to worry about? First: Ascend. Beam up. Climb the highest hill or building in your town, scan the horizon, let your lungs fill with fresh air, relax in a wider space. Or imagine you're floating on the wings of an eagle, looking down on your world. Look again at whatever experiences are overwhelming you. Do this long enough and your mind will change. Second: Rehearse your gratitudes. Being thankful alters the mind as much as sitting in the higher spaces. Listing your gratitudes is a powerful prayer. Be thankful for the anonymous hands who built your house, who planted the trees on your street, who sat in a factory and made your shoes, for everything and everyone who brought you where you are today.
At the Sagittarius New Moon, a fresh, effervescent spirit is available to you now. This New Moon's Sabian Symbol tells you just what to look for: A golden-haired goddess of opportunity. You may find her waiting in the Sagittarius house of your chart. She may be curled up in the living room reading a mind-blowing book if Sagittarius is on your 4th house cusp of home. She might be that sudden inspiration at your hairdresser's if Sag is in your 1st house of appearance ("Do something daring and fun!"). If Sagittarius is in your 7th house of partnership, she might be sparkling behind your lover's eyes ("Let's go somewhere new!"). You'll find her in whatever invites you toward a more expansive point of view. Run with her unfettered spirit, and you could find some truth that has been eluding you for months. Oh, I know, with Jupiter in Scorpio, semi-square Pluto, you could get sucked into familiar, obsessive, even fanatical thoughts. But going in circles, with your eyes on your shoelaces, that's no way to head into winter. Stop. Now. And breathe. Take a long look at the horizon. Let your life feel large again.

Sagittarius wants to feed you with wisdom. Her enthusiasm and optimism are like a natural flu shot, immunizing you against cold weather doldrums. This cycle, seek out people, places, and texts that open your mind and get you excited about the future again. What question have you been pondering? Where have you felt stuck? Surrender to Sagittarius and she will reward you with a new vista and new inspiration. As a gesture of goodwill, the heavens will turn Mercury direct within days of the New Moon, and shortly, on December 9, Mars will follow. So brush off your optimism. Start envisioning the future you really want to create. Let this Sagittarius cycle be the one where your life becomes adventurous again!

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