Reprinted with permission from Mooncircles.

As we enter the second full moon of Cancer/Capricorn we are being asked to take the time to respond to this spiritual moment that is pulsing with the purpose of the 21st century. The 20th century began with a profound confidence that peace and prosperity would be the reality of that new century. Soon the century begun with such hope and clarity had descended into two devastating world wars and horrors that left a world in shock. This century dawned as a time of war and trauma leaving the attempts at peace of the 90's in the shadows. Peace now seems very far away. The sweeping political, social and economic currents of the 20th century have left our world without the moorings of the past. These fundamental insecurities are fueling the deep desires throughout our world to return to the past while profiting in the present and building power for the future.

Clinging to what is known is deeply felt on our planet as the traumas of the past still haunt our psyches. As people look to their leaders for strength, wisdom and guidance we find that they do not have it to give although they seek to project it. Know that most of our institutions, governments and societies do not have the wisdom that is sorely needed now. They are afraid of a world spinning out of their control and not responding to their old ways.
Where will we find the needed strengths, understanding and visions to shape this new century as one of peace, equality and healing? Where are the leaders of vision that can speak to the world not just to the narrow interests of each country or group? Can we find this in ourselves? Can we become the needed visionaries? We are seeing freedom break through in the Ukraine, enterprise emerge in China and unification seek its place in Europe. The ground is shifting and we must let it shift. This full moon calls us to move beyond our fears and anxieties and become conscious and willing participants in the task of calling forth a livable world. Our homes, families, communities, institutions, societies and world cry out for the true safety that can only flow from a love that can hold us all.

In the tenderness, stability and deep kindness of Cancer integrated with Capricorn's will, discipline and patience we can create the world that is seeking to be born in the 21st century. Surely we are feeling tested and frightened as we see the bombs exploding from England to Iraq to Israel. Capricorn's sustained focus on the goal of that society which truly serves all merged with Cancer's imaginative vision of lives grounded in nurturing all is at the heart of this full moon. Enter the spiritual impulse of taking your place as a gateway of consciousness responsible for birthing a world we can all inhabit as valued citizens.

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