With the presidential race down to the wire, and the horoscopes and supplemental charts of George W. Bush, John F. Kerry, Richard Cheney, John Edwards, Laura Bush, Teresa Heinz Kerry, the USA, and election day itself studied and rehashed over the last several months, you'd think the astrologers of the world would have the 2004 presidential outcome nailed by now. But instead of forecasting the election results in a unified voice, we (the astrological community) seem to be just as divided as the nation itself. How is it that so many accomplished astrologers can earnestly and painstakingly study the exact same sets of data and yet come up with a different interpretation of what it all means?

The answer is:

  • This election will be closer than the one in 2000. That nearly all the astrologers agree upon, making it next to impossible to call.
  • Several specific sets of degrees in the charts of both sets of candidates are being activated at the same time, thereby confounding the best astro-analysts.
  • Interpretation of astrological data is a fine art, one that is subject to the individual astrologer's life experiences, personal biases, and years of observation. By their very nature, interpretations do vary and legitimately so. Often the planets suggest a range of likely manifestations, and responsible astrologers are in the habit of providing several possible ways in which the given aspects and transits could play out. Astrologers all know of many instances where a specific transit has shown itself in a variety of similar but not identical way. Through constant observation, we continue to study, learn and to improve with experience. The question at hand is: Come November 2, 2004, will Saturn, Lord of Karma (now returning to George W. Bush's natal Saturn) stand firm and teach the 43rd President a much-needed lesson, or reward him (as Saturn does) for lessons learned and responsibilities well executed?

    Here is how several leading astrologers have called November 2, 2004:

    "Jupiter in Libra will be transiting Kerry's 11th house giving him a freer life, while Saturn turns retrograde in his 8th signifying rejection. Bush will be trapped in the White House and O'Reilly will be thrilled (but he's about the only one). With the same old Mercury problem happening at the conventions (Mercury retro after the DNC and Mercury stationary direct at the end of the GOP's), I can't tell which disaster is worse: Florida or Kerry's wife."

    --Michael Lutin, Vanity Fair astrologer.

    "Kerry's energy renews, slowly but constantly, as election time draws near. Kerry's element is fire; and his message burns clearer to voters. President Bush's campaign, however, takes on the element of water. Bush sees cloudier days since his convention bounce. Confusion and loss of vision characterize his campaign, and his lead in the polls eventually dissolves on election day."
    --Robert Cohen Ph.D., mathematics professor and astrologer for 35 years.

    "When Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) transits the IC (bottom) of a chart, it often signifies an impending residential move. On Election Day, November 2, 2004, George W. Bush's progressed angles (pivot points) are lined up for a transiting Pluto `shake up.' (Pluto, at the progressed angle, is the equivalent of an earthquake, akin to a tree being ripped from its roots.) If you combine this with the president's Saturn Return in the natal 12th house, it does appear that in his "new reality" he will be less visible, more secluded--say in Crawford, Texas. However, it's hard to ignore all those same mutable degrees in all the candidate's charts near Transiting Pluto on Election Day--especially Kerry's progressed Saturn at 19 Gemini (his Sun and Moon are at 18 Sagittarius and 17 Gemini respectively, his Saturn at 23 Sagittarius_; Edwards' progressed Jupiter at 18 Gemini (his Sun is at 19 Gemini); and Cheney's progressed Mercury at 18 Pisces (his Mars is at 17 Sagittarius, his Moon at 23 Pisces); as well as Bush's Uranus-No. Node at 19 Gemini. The final analysis: Sounds like a draw to me. Or as Yogi Berra would say `it's deja vu all over again.'"
    --Shirley Soffer, author of "The Astrology Sourcebook."

    "I have my eye on Pluto, which will oppose the Mars of the USA's chart in October/November of this year. In addition to hidden power, Pluto signifies oil and the recent acute rise in prices of crude oil will become an issue this October. The economy has one foot on a banana peel, ready to slide into chaos and further debt with a very slight shove from the oil producers in the Mideast. Despite Bush's Saturn return, fortuitous Jupiter on his Moon says that he could once again slip into the front door of the White House. The precariousness of the USA's finances becomes apparent too late for voters' consideration. We'll be angry when filling the gas tank--too late to do anything about it."

    --Liane Thomas-Wade, President of the Uranian Society (a highly technical branch of astrology).

    "I always saw Bush having the edge, and still do, but if Kerry can become a powerhouse and show his toughness, he has the chance in between the eclipses October 13/14 & 27/ 28, to win it. Jupiter (which just entered tropical Libra and is presently in Virgo sidereal) bodes better for Kerry and Edwards. Most important is Venus in its Morning Star "warrior" phase crashing onto Kerry's midheaven on Election Day. That is not a benefic Venus, and often means that the candidate who is most warrior-like will win. Kerry will have to withstand more attacks this month, and the way he responds will be key to the election. The U.S. however will once again experience (as it did on 9/11 and during the Columbia shuttle disaster) the conjunction of Mars south node in mid-November, so the real test won't be 'til after the election."
    -- Ronnie Gale Dreyer, author of "Healing Signs," "Vedic Astrology," and "Venus."

    "It's clear sailing for Bush, and although Kerry has some decent transits on election day, I don't think it's enough for a win."
    --Carolyn Egan, astrologer and acclaimed astrometeorologist (someone who uses astrology to predict the weather).
    "This is an extremely close battle between the two. Using a 72-year 'dasha system' (dasha means planetary period of influence), I see the debates making a huge difference. In Jyotish Digest Magazine earlier this year, I stated: 'George Bush's dasha is changing on November 1 at which time, the Sun is not favorable in his chart and balance will tilt in favor of Kerry. It will be a narrow victory for the senator.'"
    --Sanjay Rath, Vedic Astrologer.

    "The one thing sure to come of this election is an examination of the process of electing a president. The opportunities for corruption and manipulation in arriving at the 'people's choice' will be all too evident. Based on the Sibley chart for the USA; the lunar eclipse of October 27/28, 2004, the grand quintile forming within it, and the individual charts for Bush, Kerry, and Cheney, John Kerry will have a clear lead in the popular vote. The sitting president will not accept this and is prepared to go as far as he has to dispute or finally disrupt the procedure to gain advantage. While there's a chance Kerry will be pronounced the winner, it's not likely. If Bush takes the title, he will not complete a second term--he might not even begin it, same for Dick Cheney. Major influences throughout are Saturn, Pluto and Uranus; Mars sets a lot of the timing."
    --Mark Wolz, noted NY astrologer and yoga instructor.

    "Saturn is slow and right where it was (in 1946) when the incumbent incarnated. He's now being served up freshly squeezed just like Andrew Johnson was when he was impeached, like LBJ was in 1967 when the Vietnam War ate him alive and forced him from the '68 race, and just like `Tricky Dick' Nixon was in '71 when the Pentagon Papers were released. The challenger uses Pluto and Jupiter to openly eviscerate the incumbent in the remaining debates. The incumbent's last-ditch attempts and projecting his own fears and insecurities backfires. The challenger wins. No recounts."
    --Tom Jerome Roma, author of "Tom Jerome Roma's Weekly Astrological Forecast."

    "Bush will win, not by votes, but by means that are `outside democratic standards.' The USA's progressed Sun moves into self-sacrificial Pisces on election day, implying a climate of `martyrdom' for the nation. My concern is that under this influence, sedition laws will be enforced, criminalizing dissent of any kind."
    --Jacob Schwartz Ph.D., the only astrologer to predict that Gore would win the popular vote in 2000, but Bush would go to the White House.

    If you're still perplexed by how so many solid astrologers can disagree so completely, here are links, a recap of the candidate's charts, and highlights of some of the many considerations astrologers have focused on during the past year.

    George W. Bush: Born July 6, 1946 @ 7:26 AM New Haven, CT. Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra, Leo Rising.
    Positives: This November Transiting Moon to Jupiter and a Jupiter Return in January: Both bode well and provide support; he accepted his party's nomination (September 2, 2004 10:10 PM EDT NYC) with Mercury going direct and a pretty solid chart in general.

    Negatives: His progressed midheaven is moving perilously close to Uranus (famous for unexpected jolts). Is a career change in the offing? Pluto transiting his progressed 4th house (where he lives, home, and family) may send him back to Crawford; his aforementioned Saturn return could easily rain on his parade.

    John F. Kerry: Born Dec 11, 1943 @ 8:03 AM Denver, CO. Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini, Sagittarius Rising.
    Positives: Venus and Jupiter on his midheaven could deliver the goods on election day. The October 28 lunar eclipse on his Venus can lend a last-minute helping hand; Jupiter stationing at the time of the Inauguration favorably aspects his Sun and Moon. This same Jupiter station is on the IC of the chart of the announcement of the Kerry/Edwards ticket (July 6, 2004 @ 7:30 AM Pittsburgh, PA) suggesting something about a "win" for the team.

    Negatives: Kerry declared his candidacy on a void of course moon, accepted his party's nomination (July 29, 2004 @ 10:22 PM EDT Boston) on not-so-thrilling aspects; Neptune on his natal midheaven provides glamour but can also point to martyrdom or victimization; Progressed Saturn (ruling responsibility) being challenged by Pluto now (more or less responsibility at hand?); transiting Saturn not playing a strong enough role.

    Richard Cheney: Born January 30, 1941 @ 7:30 PM CST Lincoln, NE. Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces, Virgo Rising.

    Some are stunned that Cheney is still on the ticket. Neptune has been on his Sun which has contributed to his air of mystery but also to weakening his life force.

    Positives: Jupiter in Libra making a favorable aspect to his Aquarian Sun; Progressed Moon about to conjoin his midheaven, making for a stronger connection to the public.

    Negatives: Transiting Pluto about to square his Moon (prolonged emotional upheaval over the next year). Transiting Saturn opposing his Venus (rules his house of career, will there be a change or ending of present employment?). Progressed midheaven about to conjoin Pluto, signifying a complete transformation in career and overall destiny. Could he be the next president? And if so will his heart hold out? In October 2005, Mars stations on his Uranus, the ruler of his Sun (possibly indicating health problems or unexpected change in status). Uranus moves to his 7th house cusp (a change in partnership? And since a divorce from Lynne is unlikely, is it a divorce from his working partner, George W. Bush?).

    John Edwards: Born June 10, 1953 @ 7:02 AM EST Seneca, SC. Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini, Cancer Rising.

    Positives: Transiting Venus and Jupiter makes favorable aspects to his Moon Jupiter on Election Day pointing to popularity and exuberance; his progressed midheaven lines up with the ascendant for the chart on Inauguration Day (14 degrees Taurus); same day (January 20), transiting Jupiter favorably aspects progressed Jupiter; the October 28 lunar Eclipse on his Venus could give him an extra "shove" towards Washington.
    Negatives: Transiting Pluto opposite his Sun could prove to be volcanic and unsettling; Saturn squaring his Saturn/Neptune combo may begin to wear him down. Ponder this: His natal ascendant on Bush's Sun and his progressed Sun on George W's ascendant could make for the most unlikely political bedfellows ever!

    Laura Bush: Born November 4, 1946 @ 6 PM CST Midland, TX (birth time is approximate). Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, Taurus Rising.
    Overall, The First Lady's chart activity at this time points to more freedom. Her progressed Venus (as of November 1) has changed from conservative Capricorn to freedom-loving Aquarius. Her progressed Moon is at 29 Aries (another ending) forming a hard and "concluding" aspect to her midheaven. If Mrs. Bush remains in the White House, expect a different and less "confined" tone. Don't be fooled by her super-pleasant demeanor: Laura's a powerhouse. And in case you're wondering, the last Scorpio first lady with the Moon in Pisces was Hillary Rodham Clinton!

    Teresa Heinz Kerry: Born October 5, 1938 @ 6:18 PM EET Maputo, Mozambique. Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius (conjunct the USA chart's Moon), Aries Rising.

    Lucky Jupiter is hovering around her Mercury and Sun in November and stations in late January on her 7th house cusp, the part of the chart describing marriage, social popularity, and increased visibility before the public. This could mean she's more in the public eye, or she gets her husband back and more time with him. Jupiter will also form a pleasant aspect to her progressed Sun (now conjoining her husband's Sun). This, along with the new moon on her midheaven in January '05 could strongly suggest a political team to be reckoned with. If Teresa becomes the next First Lady she will be the first Libra since Eleanor Roosevelt.

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