While it seems highly unlikely that George W. Bush would personally request an astrological consultation, his chart has been the subject of study for astrologers of all political persuasions for more than five years.

Now, with President Bush's re-election campaign in full swing, astrologers are divided on interpreting what the stars say about the outcome of the November 2004 election. "Astrology is perfect, but the astrologer is not," so the adage goes. And chart interpretation, like medical opinions, can be very subjective. The range of professional opinions include: "W will definitely be re-elected," "Nope, it's President Kerry, the 44th President," "Bush will be re-elected but not complete the term," to "Terrorism will cancel the election all together." From a spiritual perspective, whoever is president at a given time is the right president for that time. On a metaphysical level, the president embodies the majority's level of awareness and mirrors the consciousness or zeitgeist of the moment. And, whether we like it or not, in some way, the world will learn more from his being at the helm than if it were someone else. So what do we have to learn from this president?

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 at 7:26 AM EDT in New Haven, Connecticut. He has the Sun in Cancer, Leo rising, and the Moon in Libra. But before we go deeply into the specifics of his chart and what the stars say about Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004, a word about the auspiciousness of his July 6th birth date.

July 6th is very close to the July 4th signing of the Declaration of Independence. Because of the precession of the equinox, July 4, 1776 and July 6, 1946 share the same astrological degree of 13 Cancer, the exact degree of The Royal Fixed Star Sirius, known as "The Chieftain's Star" and "The Dog Star That Leads." A prominent Sirius in any chart is considered fortuitous. This goes back to ancient Egypt, when the first glimpse of Sirius at dawn announced the rising of the Nile, guaranteeing the land's fertility.This some of our forefathers knew: At least 13 signers of The Declaration of Independence were Masons, and some were knowledgeable about the stars (Ben Franklin was said to be an astrological aficionado) and could have used this knowledge to select the July 4th date. George W. Bush's 13 degree Cancerian Sun shares this special Sirius connection with the USA.Mention of our Founding Fathers is important as we study the president's chart for another reason: The sign of Cancer deals with ancestral roots, and in George W. Bush's chart, Saturn, the planet of karma, is in Cancer, too. Both his Sun and Saturn placed in this sign describe a man whose very being centers around the past of his predecessors and his allegiance to it. However, placed in the 12th house, he may not be conscious or aware of how deeply these ancestral ties motivate his actions in the present. In order to be "healthy," most 12th house types require years of self-examination, privacy, and therapy to sort through the unhealthy cobwebs and clear out the residue of their family's influence to become their own person.

Sun-Saturn in Cancer in the 12th House: Serve or Suffer

The sign of Cancer rules the family and one's need for emotional and physical safety, (hence the popularity of the phrase "Family Values" in Cancer-ruled America).

The Sun in George Bush's horoscope is in the 12th house, the last house of the zodiac, symbolic of that which is hidden. The 12th house also represents past karma, confinement, and psychic sensitivity. And because it rules the unconscious, it is called "the house of self-undoing," implying that what is unknown to us and about us has the power to destroy us. "Serve or Suffer" is the mantra of the12th house, and 12th house types have no choice but to do their emotional homework; they need to become aware of who they are inside; if not, life is painful and addiction is often the result. It is well known that President Bush had a drinking problem earlier in his life. But positively, the 12th house can be very creative. Many artists, film directors, musicians, and writers, have planets in the 12th because it describes the time needed to create privately.

President Bush has Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, at 26 degrees of Cancer in the 12th house. Both the Sun and Saturn refer to one's father. The most mundane interpretation of this positioning of these 2 important planets suggests that deep inside, George W. Bush is unconsciously motivated and controlled by a deep sense of responsibility to his family's history and place in the world, particularly with reference to his father. This is his driving force. This placement could easily block him from even entertaining any point of view that challenges his family's position, limiting his ability to impartially judge which actions and policies might be best for the nation.

Paradoxically, while Bush is leader of the free world, he himself may be in 'chains'. It is the opinion of many that Bush may have a misplaced sense of sacrifice...sacrificing himself for his family's agenda, the wealth of his family's friends, and ultimately, to be harshly critiqued by history. His other option is to become more his own man, risk losing his family's love and approval, but to grow more as an individual, on a soul level, and spiritually.

But here is where Bush may be a mirror for many of us, who are motivated and unconsciously driven and controlled by pulls to the past, or fears that we cannot even articulate clearly. He may, in fact, embody the need for all of us to be more aware of where our choices in life are coming from. With Saturn in Cancer through mid 2005, emotional awareness is the lesson we all must learn.