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The official announcement of the new planetoid Sedna, so close to this Aries new moon (see Jean Lall's article), suggests a delightful contemplation for all of us during this season of beginnings. What has been orbiting your life and now wants to be recognized?

Mercury goes retrograde the day after the full moon (April 6 PST). "Oh no--not again!" Every time Mercury goes retrograde-which occurs three times a year-I hear this complaint. But now you get a two-week warning: so if there's important business you must take care of, try to do it during the waxing moon! Understandably, many grumble on entering the retrograde phase of mis-communications, mechanical break-downs, and general mischief. Yet, if approached with patience and curiosity, these retrograde times can be the most fruitful weeks of the year. Let the knots in your mind relax and unravel. During the retrograde you have permission to cease striving. Your mind--and the minds around you--are going on a little vacation. Don't visit the car mechanic, pressure your contractor, or sign contracts if you can avoid it. But do be willing to reconsider everything. Allow any plans to stall or take new shape in front of you. There is a larger intelligence at work. When Mercury goes direct (April 30 PST), you'll find new inspiration--a bright reward for all your flexibility and patience!

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"Who am I?" is the quintessential Aries question. But you won't get the answer by navel-gazing. You must get into motion. The Aries new moon, so quickly following the spring equinox, says it's time to break out and break through. Like a green shoot pushing up through the ground after its silent winter metamorphosis. The plant is on a journey to find out what it can become - and so are you. Results are less important now than action. Seek new experiences. They'll deliver what you need along the way, quickening the young flames of spirit, evoking your courage, building your strength and granting a new awareness of yourself. Aries is pure life force rising through the body. Let the hunger for "something more" sharpen in you like a knife. Cut through: boredom, dissatisfaction, useless anger, self-doubt, the self-image that no longer fits. Be willing to be surprised at your new daring. Wake up-this is the start of the zodiacal new year!

The Aries new moon is an especially appropriate moment to contemplate the symbol of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. Mars describes the capacity to direct creative energy, to initiate action. Used positively, it inspires leadership, courage, passion, and self-reliance. Used negatively, it can be destructive, taking its orders from ego, bent on crushing whatever stands in its way. Mars, as the God of War, brings conflict and anger, inspires fears for our very survival, and can obliterate faith and trust.

During last year's Aries new moon, the United States had just gone to war. Astronomers began their "Mars watch"-as this planet brightened and grew larger in the sky, drawing closer to the Earth than it had been in 73,000 years. This new moon, Mars is at 29 degrees Taurus, the last degree of the sign. It's poised on the threshold--between the end of one phase and the beginning another. Might this also be true of you? Contemplate your own journey with Mars over the past year. What has changed for you since last spring? What calls you forward now? Mars enters Gemini on March 21. New mental energy is stimulated. But your physical energy may be erratic. Your inner warrior could be leaping in all directions. At other times it will drop with exhaustion. During the waxing moon, resolve to act just on those ideas that bring you closer to your dreams. After the full moon, when Mercury (ruling Gemini) goes retrograde, let yourself pause. Review your battle plans. Make the necessary changes. Resolve this spring to move wisely with your inner rhythms!

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