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What's in the sky this new moon?

Pisces is the sign of the Mystic. And a Mystic wants no outside intervention coming between her and a divine experience. This month face the sky with your Mystic self. Clear from your mind how astronomers have named the stars or astrologers have interpreted the planets. Simply enter the night and see if there is a twinkling light-a star or planet--that catches your notice. Settle your mind and ask: "Do you have a message for me?" The answer may come in words. Or it may not. It may come as a feeling, a sensation, a new conviction. It may come immediately or hours later. Your work is simply to be receptive and reverent. Thank the sky by agreeing to bring this message into your world-through a new decision or action, a changed perspective, an inspiration you share with another. You may even want to name your star and commune with it throughout the month.

Pisces New Moon Blessing: Be Still

Even the bravest client will shiver if an astrologer says "changes" are on the way. This is especially true with Uranus transits. Uranus conjoins this Pisces new moon. Perhaps that's why "the squirrel is hiding from hunters" in this month's Sabian Symbol. Change is natural in the flow of life. And the expectation of change is appropriate now, just a cycle away from spring. In spring your hunting self will want to act on your desires-maybe try the thrill of hang-gliding, or make that push for a higher paying job, or finally end a toxic relationship. Whatever you're dreaming of doing, remember there's a proper order to things. The necessity this month is to calm your inner squirrel. You can do this by raising your faith. Realize that subtle but powerful help is just a psychic phone call way.

Pisces is a mystical, but also porous and vulnerable sign. In Pisces, unexpected events may overwhelm us. Negative people can confuse us. Anxiety can drain precious energy and produce nothing useful in return. Haste now might bring carelessness or wasted effort. Addictions can grow in power. You can let yourself be drawn into all this psychic negativity, but why? With grace, beauty, and a quiet joy, Pisces teaches there's great strength in serenity. When you stay calm, you stay in control. When you're calm, you're more creative. When you're calm, you realize the challenges ahead are probably much less dire than the imaginative ones you fear. When you're calm, you understand the best way to predict the future is to invent it!

What should you grow this cycle?

The Tibetan calendar says this is a "100,000 multiplying month" - which means the good you practice this cycle will be worth extra points on the karmic ledger. But exactly what should your good practice be?

Astrology typically answers "what" questions by looking at houses. Look to the house of your birth chart where the new moon falls: this is where you usually "do Pisces." Every year at this time, you engage subtly or wholeheartedly in the Mystic's path. Quiet, focused attunement to matters in this house will help to spiritualize your approach for the rest of the year. This house is where you're routinely dissolved of your sense of self and been asked to consider the whole. During this new moon cycle, you have a unique opportunity here. but you must tune in. If you have a meditation practice that's faltering, then this is the month to dust it off (without guilt) and tune into the higher planes. If Pisces is in your Seventh House of partners, as it is in mine, this is the month to see your "others" with unusually compassionate eyes!

(Look for the full moon on March 6.)

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