Stephanie Azaria, www.thecosmicpath.com
"The greatest spiritual challenge of 2004 will be releasing all the old limiting beliefs (or preconceived notions) that are connected to our ego-based needs for satisfaction and fulfillment. Thanks to the The Harmonic Concordance of November eighth, 2003, and the Mars fly by that came so close to the Earth this past summer and fall, we've entered new territory. All of humanity is in a new dimension of consciousness. There is no language here, and no frame of reference for what we can experience. We need to "feel" our way into this new inner space, and connect with each other in the process. Preconception has no place here, and will only serve to limit our capacity to access this new higher space."

Claudia Bader, psychotherapist and co-author of Love Planets
"The biggest challenge ahead is "trust." We are being asked by the universe to cultivate 'principled living" in our day-to-day existence; to overcome fears based in 'clan consciousness,' to galvanize our collective dreams; to inspire the angelic in the human community; and to transform our limited ideas about God's Plan."

Robert Cohen, Ph.D., astrologer and math professor
"Very simply, the numerical value of 2004 is six, or the "lovers" card in the tarot. The theme for the year ahead is "unconditional love". Spiritually, it should be a year that we move away from material worries and in to a more romantic view of life. Relationships, though challenging, will be the primary focus."

Ronnie Gale Dreyer, www.ronniedreyer.com
"One of the great challenges of 2004 will be to rise above Saturn's influence to limit, restrict, and delay, and to use its power for work, discipline, and responsibility in order to achieve self-mastery. For the first time in quite a few years Jupiter has journeyed far enough beyond Saturn, which means that Saturn's influence will be stronger or equal to that of Jupiter. There's opportunity for healing, but only if we work hard at it by maintaining brutal honesty about ourselves, with a willingness to confront our weaknesses as we embrace our strengths."

Michael Lutin, www.michaellutin.com
Vanity Fair's wickedly funny astrologer says the big challenge in the New Year is sustaining monogamous relationships. "The pursuit of fantasy can be delicious, but in the long run, it's the people you don't sleep with that last the longest in your life."

Susan Miller, www.astrologyzone.com
"The greatest spiritual challenge for each of us is to understand one another's deepest spiritual beliefs, not just intellectually, but emotionally; In other words, to take to heart the old adage of walking a mile in another man's moccasins."

Shirley Soffer, author of The Astrology Sourcebook
"In 2004, Uranus, the planet of universal consciousness, makes itself at home in Pisces, the sign of universal love. What this says to me is that compassionate wisdom, not only for the collective, but within each of us, is both our spiritual challenge and the way to our salvation in 2004.

Liane Thomas Wade, astrologer and Executive Director of The Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
"Venus square Jupiter in May and June of 2004 signifies that it is time to discriminate between how we give lip service to our belief systems and how we actually act on those beliefs. Do we truly love our brothers and sisters? We should act as if we do at the voting booth on November second."

As for me, I think 2004 is very much about perception: Why do you believe what you do, and are you willing to entertain another point of view? The year 2004 is also about having the guts and self-love to champion your "inner artist." Whether you're in touch with it or not, everyone has the ability and I believe, the duty to create joyfully from the depths of your core. Everyone. And this is the year to work toward taking yourself seriously while manifesting the beauty of your innermost self. Many blessings to you!

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