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What's in the sky this month
The summer of Mars begins! The astrological facts: Mars entered Pisces on June 17, conjoined Uranus on June 23, and will reach its retrograde station on July 29. The vibrational resonance: The collective warrior becomes more imaginative, daring, and able to purify what stands in her way. We're learning to dissolve barriers and fight for what we want via newly creative strategies. This will come through a distinctly un-Mars-like resolve to slow down and flow more intuitively. The astronomical portent: Mars has doubled its sky brightness. In early July it will surpass Jupiter and become the second brightest planet visible from earth. It is heading for a celestial milestone. On August 27 Mars will be closer to earth than it's been in 73,000 years. No human has ever seen Mars so near before-may it embolden our desire for unusual solutions to ancient human problems. Seek Mars in the sky this month and see what its bright light holds for you.

I can't believe I'm the only one. Last week when Mars conjoined Uranus, I erupted like Mount Vesuvius. I rattled the walls, I frightened the children, I poured red-hot lava over my mate. And you know what? It felt soooooo good. Mars and Uranus make an explosive combination; and in the water sign Pisces, trining the Cancer Sun, it was all about feelings. It wasn't pretty. But like a summer thunderstorm, my celestial-wrought tantrum broke the tension, cleared the air, and gave our house a fresh start--just in time for the first New Moon of summer, when honoring one's belly wisdom continues to matter. With Mercury and Saturn conjunct Cancer's New Moon, you'll learn the most this month from your gut instincts. Give them a voice. Stabilize your circumstances with emotional authenticity.

There haven't been so many planets in water for quite some time. You may be genuinely thirsty for what this cycle can bring. Especially if you've been burned out by the fire sign planets (Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo) or gone out of body with the air planets (Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius, Saturn in Gemini). Create a New Moon ceremony that honors water: pour it into a beautiful bowl, float flowers on it, drink it down, dive into a pool, shed tears if you need to. If you don't already have a table water fountain, buy one (even WalMart sells them--cheap!); let the sound of running water restore you as you work.

And, resolve this cycle to pay special attention to any sentence-uttered by you or a loved one-that begins with the words "I feel." All feelings-anger, shame, fear, joy, love-have an energetic truth that needs to be honored. Anger suggests your boundaries have been breached. Shame is a signal to restore your integrity. Anxiety is a sign of intuition gone haywire-calling attention to a memory that needs healing. Welcoming these energies without resistance may be the optimum way to nurture your summer potentials!

Oh Great Goddess, who tills the garden of the Earth
Oh Wise Weaver of Time
Oh Star of Life
Oh Mother of the World
Bestow upon us the generosity of your life and light
at this hour of the New Moon

--Pythia Peay

What should you grow this cycle?

Astrology typically answers "what" questions by looking at houses. Look to the house of your birth chart where the New Moon falls: here's your personal seed bed. This is the place you usually "do Cancer." It's the house where the Moon is most at home-and where her cycles may be most relevant. You can be very intuitive in matters of this house. And, quite creative; where Cancer sits, your imagination is fertile. During this New Moon cycle, you have a unique opportunity here. but you must tune in.

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