Though not alone in the zodiac when it comes to the tendency to weight and over-indulgence, the roster of celebrities born under the sign of the scales, who struggle with the scales, and for whom recognition and success comes through weight-loss, diet books and related products is staggering. Cosmic coincidence? Proof that sun sign astrology works? Or is there something inherent in the mystery of the only inanimate sign in the zodiac and the sense of separateness, spiritual hunger and life-battles experienced by its natives? Thoughtful study of the lives of those noted may serve as a tool for self-understanding, leading to victory in the battle to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

The list includes: Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch; current Weight Watchers spokesperson and former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson; actress, author, diet product manufacturer, and Thigh Master pitchwoman, Suzanne Somers; matriarch of MTV's favorite dysfunctional family, Sharon Osbourne, who in a drastic move, had her stomach stapled and dropped 100 lbs; Actor and musician Meat Loaf, a/k/a Michael Lee Aday,; Tenor "grande" and yo-yo dieter, Luciano Pavarotti; gender-bender actor Divine (Polyester); Pop Diva Jennifer Holliday, and last but not least, the once curvy now zaftig plus-sized blonde Swedish sex bomb Anita Ekberg star of Fellini's classic film "La Dolce Vita" which translated means, "The Sweet Life".

'Atkins Diet' creator, Dr. Robert Atkins' life typified the Libran struggle to find and defend one's truth. Even though many continue to succeed on his controversial high fat-low carb regimen, he was forced to defend his position many times over. Libra is said to be the sign of peace, yet a closer look at Libran lives reveals just the opposite. They're supremely talented but are almost always either embroiled in a battle (Tim Robbins, Oliver North, Charlton Heston, Susan Sarandon, Rev. Al Sharpton) contradictory (Lenny Bruce, C. Everett Koop); OR brilliant but unstable (Margot Kidder, Oscar Wilde, Carrie Fisher). Dreaming of Utopia (John Lennon), they strive for honor (Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt) in an ignoble world.

While seeking harmony, Librans rarely maintain their cherished equilibrium for long. Super sensitive to injustice, their inner lives shake, rattle, and roll with conflict. Recent studies strongly suggest that ongoing stress wrecks havoc internally with bio-chemical consequences. Much has been written about "toxic stress weight" and the high levels of cortisol released into the blood under stress. Cortisol is known to promote hunger. Understanding this facet of the Libran's internal experience may explain why so many Librans, especially without adequate creative outlets, go up and down the scales as if playing a sonata on a Steinway. As they struggle to make sense of and cope with the illogical world around them, the relationship-oriented, people-pleasing Libra places others first, (waiting/weighting for others?) and tries to be all things to all people all the time. Without realizing it, they literally carry the burdens of those they adore, stressing out every step of the way as they empathetically pack on the symbolic pounds of love!

All astrological signs have planetary 'rulerships', Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Earthy Taurus is the sensual aspect of Venus and airy Libra represents the artistic mind. For different reasons, both Taurus and Libra tend toward excess. People talk their charts and perhaps quintessential Taurus Liberace's quip: "Too much of a good thing is just plain wonderful" captures the essence of the Taurean experience. While Libra, says, "Ooh, pretty, I want it", and then just can't stop. Many of us who are ruled by Venus or who have a strong Venus presence in our horoscope yen for a 'sweeter' existence and habitually over-indulge. This is at the issue's core and could also help energetically explain weight, sugar addiction, and even diabetes, the disease of 'too much sweet'.

In addition to planets ruling signs, medical astrology teaches us that each sign also rules a part of the body. Medical astrology dates back to before 400 B.C. and the time of Hippocrates, and is being revived now. In fact, it was the way medicine was practiced into the 17th century. Medical astrology follows a holistic and energetic model: like oriental medicine, it does not treat symptoms alone, it traces the energetic roots of a condition and then treats to harmonize a person's physical and mental energies.

Libra rules both the kidneys, the pair of organs that are the body's main filtering system, and the adrenals which supply adrenaline under stress. Oriental medicine treats physical symptoms in connection to their energetic and emotional causes. According to Chris Griscom ( renowned spiritual teacher, author, and founder of The Light Institute in Galisteo, New Mexico, "The kidneys are the deepest organs of the body energetically and nourish the heart energy. They represent our ancestral "chi" (life force), which we inherit from our blood relatives. Deep residues of fear 'pool' the kidneys. The right one holds fear related to masculine energy and the left holds fear related to feminine energy."