This article first appeared on Mooncircles. It is reprinted here with permission of the author.

5:34 p.m. PST; 8:34 EST
Sun at 27.32 Scorpio; Moon at 27.32 Taurus

It is a powerful Full Moon Eclipse in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus. At the Scorpio New Moon two weeks ago, we invoked the spirit of the enchanter or magician, conjuring dreams and visions in the crystal ball of our soul's inner chamber. Now, it is a time to make our dreams a reality on the earth plane. It is a time to manifest in material form the starry outline of our deepest desires. A time to wave the wand - and watch as our fantasies crystallize out of airy imaginings into solid shape.

Indeed, there is perhaps no more creative astrological polarity than the Scorpio/Taurus axis. What passionate Scorpio envisions, pragmatic Taurus makes real. As the Scorpio Sun eclipses the Taurus Moon, however, a mood of urgency prevails - a kind of showdown between our soul's desires and our everyday needs. Many may feel as if the intersection between their practical affairs and creative endeavors have reached a pivotal turning point. Eclipses always bring things to a crisis - one way or another, pending affairs will be resolved. Add to the picture revolutionary Uranus squaring the Sun, Moon, and Mercury - and the resolution might come with a surprising and unexpected twist.

The electrical atmosphere of transformation is further enhanced by a stationary Venus - ruler of the Taurus Moon - poised to move direct at 0 degrees Scorpio the following day. The planet of love, values, and money turned retrograde at 16 degrees Scorpio on October 10th. In the weeks since then we have descended into the depths of our psyches, re-evaluating what we hold most worthwhile. With Scorpio energy so prominent this Full Moon Eclipse, it is likely that whatever creative vision we secretly cherish will emerge into the open - hidden no more.

So this powerful Taurus Full Moon eclipse, go within your inner temple of silence. Let your soul ride the waves of energy emanating from the cosmos around you. Find the still point in the dance; the center in the whirlwind. Focus your concentration on a dream, a vision, an artistic desire, or an impossible wish. Wave Scorpio's enchanter's wand and watch as your dream begins to take shape. See it in living color and sharp detail. Is it a book? See the cover design and title. Is it the successful outcome to a business deal? Then see the signature on the contract. Is it the resolution of a personal conflict? Imagine the peaceful accord that might emerge. Is it some kind of political or humanitarian action? See a campaign in full swing bringing about the change you seek.

Then, after your meditation, do one real thing in the material world to make your vision a reality. In honor of the Taurus Moon, make a phone call. Write the first sentence. Pick a title for your organization. Open a new bank account. Tell a trusted friend. In honor of Uranus, agent of change, do one thing differently to help put yourself in alignment with your radical vision. In honor of Venus, go to the store and buy a new piece of clothing or jewelry that reflects the image of the new you.

Because this Full Moon is a time to launch your project into the world and to be all that you can be - in blazing technicolor and full-bodied reality.

(Look for the Sagittarius New Moon December 4th, 2002.)

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