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There are times when the stars in the sky align with events on earth in such a synchronistic way that one can only pause in wonder. Such is this month's Virgo New Moon when, like an angelic herald, wings of peace unfold across the cosmos. Exact on September 11th, expansive-hearted Jupiter in Leo and spiritual idealist Neptune in Aquarius reach opposition, lighting up the heavens with a visionary message.* These two planets aligning on such an historic day send a cosmic signal that a collective gateway of consciousness is opening, allowing higher spiritual energies to rain down healing balm onto the lingering suffering caused by the horrific terrorist attacks. Despite the all-pervasive media-hyped sentimentality, it is just possible that a genuinely profound deepening of the American soul is at hand. Indeed, coupled with the energy of the service-oriented, craftsman-like quality of the earth sign Virgo, this New Moon presents a remarkable opportunity to take our loftiest principles and ground them in reality. As indicated in the image of the heirloom "fine lace handkerchief" in the Sabian Symbol, this New Moon indicates that it is a time to weave the delicate strands of spiritual vision into the fabric of everyday life. Mercury in the peacemaking sign of Libra slowing to a station September 14th further reinforces this theme. Pluto squaring the New Moon sounds a somber reminder that peace never comes without a full accounting of the truth.

So this New Moon and over the coming days, take time to align your soul with the angelic archetype of peace. The following is a meditation to help guide you:

"To meditate on peace, find a quiet place to spend a few moments in contemplation. As you settle into a serene state of mind, imagine that the spirits of peace are drawing close to you. You may wish to repeat the Hebrew phrase "shalom" for peace, the Arabic word "salaam," the Hindu phrase "shanti," or simply the word peace. Next, imagine a stormy lake with ruffled waves. Then, imagine that the lake is beginning to calm. Slowly, the wind dies down, and the surface of the lake, like the surface of your heart and mind, becomes as clear as a lucid diamond. Even the sky is cloudless. A holy presence permeates the scene. The sun begins to dip in the sky, sinking lower into the horizon, and the stillness of dusk deepens.

Then, something magical transpires: a visionary landscape appears above the lake, hovering in the air. As your heart thrills to the sight, you recognize it as Avalon, Camelot, Shangri-la, the heavenly city of Jerusalem - that mystical heaven where all creatures coexist in harmony. Music fills the air and beauty is everywhere - in the faces of the people, in the shape of the buildings, and in the absence of malice or envy. Angels and other evolved beings walk the streets, mingling with human beings. You see the Buddha, Christ, Mary, St. Francis, St. Claire, and others. Transported, you, too, participate in the life of this luminous city of peace; a visiting pilgrim, your soul drinks from the sacred well of serenity.

Ever so gently, the vision begins to fade from sight. The wind picks up, rustling the branches of the trees, whipping up the surface of the lake. The darkness of night falls, drawing a veil across the golden abode of peace. Slowly, you return to your life as it was. But within your heart is a small and precious seed, a star of peace and light--a vision of the heaven that might one day become a reality on earth.

* Jupiter at 8.36 Leo opposes Neptune at 8.36 Aquarius

(Look for the Pisces Full Moon September 21, 2002.)

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