This article first appeared on Mooncircles. It is reprinted here with permission of the author.

"Love is the Divine Mother's arms; and when those arms are outspread, every soul falls into them." --Hazrat Inayat Khan

On this Taurus New Moon (May 12), children everywhere will honor their mothers withgifts, flowers, and phone calls of appreciation. For spiritual seekers,however, it is also a day to turn one's soul to the Divine Mother - theMother of the World. The Venus-ruled, earth sign of Taurus is theembodiment of the feminine image of the Goddess as she is found in all thereligions: Astarte, Demeter, Isis, Mary, and Kuan Yin. In Her, we find theimage of God as a woman. In Her, we find a different set of values to liveby. In Her, we find loving refuge from the suffering of the world. InHer, we feel the heartbeat of empathy for all creatures great and small.

Indeed, as the messenger Mercury in Gemini and cosmic Neptune in Aquariusbegin to station retrograde over the next few days, the atmosphere issuffused with an otherworldly aura. With these two planets in harmonioustrine to each other, a spiritual message of compassion radiates through thestars. Especially during stationary periods, it is as if we stand on athreshold between dimensions. Thus it is a powerful time to practicepositive vizualizations and meditations, drawing down the invisible energyof the Universe into the visible world of creation.

Amid the political and religious tensions roiling the world, a meditationon the Mother of the World could bring a much-needed healing balm. Tobegin your contemplation, you may wish to bring to mind an image of theGoddess closest to your own path. This may be Isis crowned with a crescentmoon; Kuan Yin dispensing drops of compassion on a suffering earth; or theVirgin of Guadalupe with her hands folded in prayer over her heart and herface turned downward in a loving gaze. To draw closer to the image of theMother of the World in the likeness you have chosen, picture Her in thetemple of your heart. Imagine that Her love is radiating outward; like warmsunbeams on a winter day, all the icy defences and "cold spots" melt awayin Her presence. The chill that separates you from others vanishes in Herall-forgiving light.

As your meditation deepens, allow the light, love, and warmth of the Motherof the World to spread throughout your body. Then, imagine that thisfeeling of compassion begins to extend outward in ripples and eddies ofempathic magnetism. Like a river rising out of a deep and bottomless well,the waters of light and love spill over from your heart and into your life,healing the differences and distinctions that divide people and bringingmuch-needed solace to those who suffer. As this sparkling river flowsthroughout the world, sick children, wounded animals, and unhappy peopleaccumulate along its banks, drawing sustenance from its spiritual waters ofcompassion. Even Earth's landscape, dying from pollution, revivifies at the Mother's life-giving touch.

As the river of love that is the Divine Mother rises and spreads throughoutthe world, imagine that all of Creation is healed into wholeness and madegreen with new life. For if we cannot envision a healthy, loving, peaceful,and creative world, we cannot fashion it through the lives we lead eachday. Perhaps more than any other sign, Taurus is about manifestation:making the Goddess real in the small acts of ordinary responsibility commonto us all.

Life is not just about paying the bills, doing our jobs, raising ourchildren, or making our art. It's how we do those things. And if wecultivate the gardens of our lives in the compassionate, loving image ofthe Mother of the World then just maybe, a plant and a plot at a time, thegarden-paradise of peace we long for may one day come to pass. Then ourlives will be the gifts we offer in gratitude to the Mother of the World.

(Look for the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse May 26, 2002!)