Pythagoras taught us that everything vibrates to energy – including numbers. Born in 569 BC, the Greek Philosopher and teacher taught us how to tap into the vibration of numbers to learn about ourselves, our purpose and the world around us. He also taught his students that the numbers in our birth date could reveal hidden clues to our past lives. Students of his have since identified four Karma Numbers that can indicate powers we abused in a past life. These Karma Numbers reveal to use where we abused power in our past lives and can point to way to balance and heal this karma in our present carnation.

There are four Karma Numbers: 13, 14, 16 and 19. If you have these numbers in your birth date, then you might have some past life karma to balance in this lifetime. To figure out if you have a Karma Number, let’s evaluate your birth date. There are three main numbers to pay attention to.

  1. Your day of birth. If you were born on the 13th, 14th, 16th or 19th of a month, then you have a karma number
  2. Your personality number – the side of you the world gets to see – is discovered by adding your birth day + your birth month. So, if you were born on April 12, your personality number would be a 16 and you would have a karma number (4 +12 = 16)
  3. Your life path number – which points to your destiny, your soul purpose for being here – is found by adding up all the numbers in your birth date. So, for example, if you were born on December 31, 1998, your life path number adds up to a 16 (12 + 31 + 19 + 98 = 160. 1 + 6 + 0 = 16)

So take a moment to do some math on your birth date. Do you have one of the four Karma Numbers? Read on to see what these Karma Numbers can teach you about your past lives.

Karma 13: Abuse of Laziness

People with the karmic number 13 have shirked their duties in a past life. They may have abandoned their family, refused to work or been born into a wealthy family and simply took advantage of a life of leisure rather than trying to help others. People with 13 Karma energy will have to work hard in this lifetime. They will face obstacles in their career path.  Thirteen adds up to 4 which is the number of balance, organization and work. So if you have a 13 Karma number, it is essential that you have a clear goal and vision for your future, that you’re willing to work hard for it and that you maintain a center of balance, cleanliness and organization within you and your home in order to find peace. The 13 energy can be rigid and uncompromising. If they don’t work hard and accept this path, they will become judgmental, lazy, and selfish. The Karmic 13 needs to keep a balanced perspective; they need to see the value of themselves, not just their work. Balance is the key word here. Some 13s become workaholics while others continue their past life abuses moving from job to job to job or avoiding work altogether. If you have a Karmic 13 in your birth date, then you need to focus on self-discipline, follow through and authenticity. Your work must have meaning to you, but don’t confuse your work with who you are.

Thomas Edison has a personality number with the Karma 13. Edison never stopped working until his ideas and inventions became reality. He gave us the telegraph, telephone, phonograph, light bulb, batteries and a camera for making motion pictures. This man was the antithesis of laziness.

Still, we can have a karmic number and choose not to balance it in our lifetime. An example of this is found in King Henry VIII who has a life path Karmic number of 13. His life was an example to this abuse of power – each year he grew lazier, heavier and crueler as he avoided work and stole from his people. He separated from the church and looted the monasteries for his own gain. When he no longer chose to be married to his wife, Catherine of Aragon, he simply set her aside for Anne Boleyn. Later, he had her killed and went through four more wives in his slovenly search for personal enjoyment.

Karma 14: Abuse of Freedom

The Karmic 14 abused freedom in a past life. They took freedom from others and lived from a place of control, power and fear. In this lifetime, freedom – for yourself and others – will be very important to you. Abraham Lincoln is a great example of using a Karma Number to heal old wounds. Both his personality number and life path number are a 14. His birthday is February 12, 1809. To get his personality number, we add 2 + 12 = 14. To get his life path number, we add up his year of birth – 1 + 8 + 0 + 9 = 18. Then 1 + 8 = 9.  We add this to his personality number which is 14/5.

5 + 9 = 14. So he has double 14 energy. Clearly, he absolved his past life karmic debt when he freed the slaves on January 1, 1863 (a one day which denotes new beginnings).

Ben Franklin (1/17/1706) is also a 14/5 life path and worked tirelessly to remind his fellow Americans of our right to freedom.