Throughout life’s challenges, celebrations, ups and downs, we have a team of helpers on the other side. Our spiritual team is comprised of our spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones who have passed before us. They can intervene to help us when we ask and request their help. So who is on your team and how do you get them to help you?

Before we come to earth, we create a blue print that encompasses our life purpose, challenges and life lessons. We ask certain elevated souls called Spirit Guides to coach us and keep us on our path. Spirit guides are highly evolved souls who have lived before. Often they are Native Americans, monks, nuns, shamans, Buddhists, philosophers and scribes, but they can also be “ordinary” souls who’ve lived lives of extraordinary goodness, wisdom and kindness.

We each have a life guide. This is someone who is with us from the moment of our first breath to our last. But other guides come and go. We have guides who come into our lives when we start school. If we deal with an illness, we will have certain healer guides come in to help us. Some guides come in to help us with romance, with our careers, or developing talents and gifts. When we choose to become parents, we will have the help of parenting guides. If we have to help a parent through end of life care, certain caretaking guides will join our team.

In addition to these specialists, we also have guides who act as our cheerleaders. These are often comedians, actors, jesters, or entertainers who have a hugely uplifting energy. Their sole job is to be the wind beneath our wings, to lift us up and help us remember to laugh when times get tough. They keep us inspired and help to lift our energy.

Joining your team are also the protector guides. Their job is to guard and protect your energy. They can not protect us from learning our lessons. This is very important to understand. Let’s say you met someone in your 20s. You were so drawn to this person. It felt like perfect kismet. This is often a sign you have karma to balance with this person. Let’s say this person has hurt you in a past life. Possibly, it’s your karma in this life simply to be with this person, engage the hurt again but this time, your soul wants to learn how to move past this hurt. Can your guides protect you from this person hurting you? No. It’s your karma, your choice, your path. But they can protect you by putting the right people in your path to help you learn the lesson you’ve preplanned for yourself. Maybe as you’re nursing the heartache, your guides help you meet a great new friend or someone recommends a wonderful therapist to you, or you happen upon a book that helps you heal. These are all ways your guides will help you.

It’s great to have spirit guides on our team because they’re human. They’ve lived life before and know how hard life can be. They empathize with us and often will go the extra mile to make sure we get the help and encouragement needed to move on. Our guardian angels, on the other hand, are not human and have never lived on earth before. Angels are messengers of God. The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger.” The Hebrew word for angel is “malakh” which also means “messenger.” The Persian word for angel is “angaros” which means “courier.” There are hundreds of examples of angels at work through the centuries. Angels are mentioned in all major religions. They are mentioned over 300 times in bible.

Angels are also mentioned in almost every religion in the world. The Hindus write about avatars. Buddhists have devas and bodhisattvas. The ancient Greeks wrote about daemons and many different tribal cultures teach that everyone has guardian spirits. Catholics believe everyone has a guardian angel. Ancient Jewish tradition taught that everyone had 11,000 angels.

There is a hierarchy of angels and each group has a specific job. For example, the Thrones are in charge of justice and karma while the Principalities are in charge of leaders and nations. Guardian angels have the job of keeping us on path and safe from unexpected disasters and challenges. If you are driving to work and someone cuts in front of you, your guardian angel can intervene to help keep you safe. If, however, the car accident is a part of your life plan, they can not intervene. People who ask for guidance, intervention and help through consistent faith and prayer tend to experience more encounters with angels, synchronicity and miracles.

You can also ask for other people’s guardian angels to help you. Before Pope John Paul II met Mikhail Gorbachev, he asked his guardian angel to talk to Gorbachev’s angel to help make their meeting a success.

Our guardian angels know that ultimately our life will work out as we planned, and we will all be reunited on the other side. While our loved ones in heaven also believe this, they know it can get really hard here on Earth. This is why it is so important to ask your loved ones to help you when you’re going through a tough time. Because God has given us free will, we must ask for their help. Once we give them permission to help us, they can rally your team and talk to the spiritual team of other important people in your life. I had a client named Rachel Morris who feels certain her grandmother in heaven helped her. She could never find Mr. Right, but when her grandmother was dying from cancer, she held Rachel’s hand and said, “I will help you find the one when I get to heaven.” Rachel’s grandmother was true to her word. Six months after her grandmother’s funeral, she went on a blind date and met her future husband.

Before you start your day, take a moment to check in with your spiritual team. Talk to them about your worries, hopes, fears and dreams. Ask for their help and give them permission to intervene in your life to keep you on the right path. Ask your angels to talk to your boss’s angel before you ask for that raise. Hang up a picture of your grandfather and ask him to watch over your family. Check in with your spirit guides and tell them to make sure you’re fulfilling your life purpose. As you begin to connect with your spiritual team, you will see synchronicities and meaningful coincidences increase. Doors will open for you where before there were just brick walls. Life can be hard and challenging, but it can also be wonderful and rewarding with the assistance of our spiritual team.

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