Rose Byrne and AnnieChildren possess a sense of innocence that cannot be produced by an adult. As we get older, in life, your inner child becomes less vociferous as you seek out independence and a sense of individuality. However, never allow your inner child to completely go into silence because that virtue is priceless. The film Annie,opening Dec. 19, depicts the search for one's inner child and allows us to view the world in a different lens.

Annie is a film that will help you regain your inner child and find your sense of being. This film is a modern day retelling of “Annie” with the same loveable characters and themes surrounded by a fresh current story. Annie’s genuine spirit inspires others to dig deep within and evaluate their own perspective on life.

Our inner child doesn’t focus on the negativity in life because unlike our adult selfs, as we go through life, we become jaded and scorned over various events that occur. Annie is able to stay humble, despite being an orphan. She recognizes the bigger picture in life and knows that negativity doesn’t last forever. Throughout her troubles she manages to maintain a genuine appreciativeness for life. Everything may not be perfect but the hope for tomorrow brings her enough comfort to keep the dream alive.

Everyone should channel their inner Annie and look within themselves to reconnect with their inner child. Not only will you get a fresh new perspective on life but you’ll have a deeper appreciation for life itself. Annie provides a glimpse of what it’s like to be an orphan and the harsh realities of not “belonging” within a cookie cutter family. Yet, her appreciation of life and the journey she’s on runs deep.

Annie also allows us to view hope as a self-developed element. While hope may seem vague at times, it’s really what you make it. If you want to have hope it’s up to you to develop that outlook. Annie is able to channel her hope through her love for life. Next time you’re feeling low, channel your inner child and remember the times in your life that brought you hope. Reconnect with those times and allow your present to live through those memories. Your positive energy, will allow you to face the odds and prevail.

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