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The Law of Attraction is hot a topic for those who want to manifest a better existence and one of the main tools that contribute to manifestation success is visualization.

What is the Law of Attraction? The process refers to the energetic concept of ‘like attracts like’ and is a pivotal principle to creating a limitless life. Previously it was defined as ‘thought creates form,’ but practitioners of this law soon discovered that emotions were a key driver in creation. It’s for this reason that affirmations, positive statements of desire, repeated to affect the subconscious, often don’t elicit a response if they are not fueled by positive emotions. Visualization is a practice that can elicit this emotional response by creating internal representations of what you desire and in doing so sparking the associated feelings.

As the Law of Attraction is vibrationally based, it responds to your thoughts, actions, words, and emotions which must all be aligned in order to manifest your desires. If you’re saying, “I want a fulfilling new job” but cringe and feel fear when you look at the job classifieds then what you’re feeling and what you want are vibrationally opposed. The challenge is to align positive thoughts and feelings to attract more of the same.

As the Law of Attraction has gained momentum I’ve witnessed another challenge that can sabotage success and that’s using the visualization tool for too long and not anchoring and actualizing the experience into the 3D world. Those who discover the Law of Attraction often get excited by the principle of first in the mind and then in reality. They learn the power of visualization, a state of relaxing and playing out desired scenarios, like movies, in their mind to elicit the emotions to activate the manifestation process. Vision boards are another tool where a visual display of the desired lifestyle is created through pictures and words.

These seemingly simple manifestation concepts are appealing as many are often exhausted by decades of ‘doing’. It feels nice to sit back and relax into mental and emotional co-creation. But here’s a theme I’ve noticed amongst clients; they spend months, years and sometimes decades practicing the Law of Attraction and working through and healing issues as they arise, but when the manifestation occurs they often feel uncomfortable and sometimes even reject the bounty that is being bestowed upon them. The reason revolves around healing challenges and blocks which is important otherwise they will remain an inhibitor to manifesting the desired experience. You can’t just focus on the desires and ignore the elephant in the room of what’s been tripped you up time and time again. Here’s something I know for sure, if you haven’t manifested, there’s a part of you that believes it’s beneficial to stay the way you are and until you address that progress is going to be slow or halted.

Here’s what’s going on. When you visualize you are creating imaginary scenarios you want to experience in this reality. No doubt as you process the emotions and information, feelings of uncertainty come up and challenges arise, “Am I worthy?”, “Am I lovable”, “Can I do it?” These are great opportunities to work through and heal blocks, but they’re often only the tip of the iceberg.

When you’re healing and learning on the visualization plain you’re working with your mind which is trying to anticipate and overcome challenges – it’s what your mind thinks will happen and as you know your mind is often limited by thoughts and beliefs of others and your environment.

The real opportunity arises when you stop over-thinking and start actualizing the experiences as you often find a whole other layer, the massive base of the iceberg, where the reality magnifies the actual challenges. This recently happened to Jenna, a woman who wanted to change her career from salesperson to counselor. She dreamed of being of service for years and took action to obtain her counseling qualifications and set up her business. Jenna imagined herself helping clients daily and feeling fulfilled in the process. Occasionally during the visualization process she experienced feelings of doubt around whether she could start her own business and worked to overcome them. Two years passed and Jenna still hadn’t stepped into her role until her friend Marty suggested it was time. It was a scary, yet life-changing process.

Jenna reflects, “I thought I was ready, but I obviously wasn’t, otherwise it wouldn’t have taken two years. When I started practicing all these fears came up that stopped me in my tracks. I thought my challenge was around being my own boss, but when I began I realized all these other thoughts and worries were at play, ‘Am I worthy of helping people? Who am I to guide others when I’m not perfect?’ It’s no wonder it took me years to take action as these massive showstoppers were playing out in my subconscious. If Marty hadn’t encouraged me to get going and stop delaying I would never have had these realizations or the opportunity to overcome them. It was a surprisingly short process but I’m pleased to say I worked though the issues and am enjoying my new career.”

The Law of Attraction tools are fantastic but don’t sabotage yourself by staying stuck in visualization mode. Actualize and anchor your desires. After all you live in the 3D world, imagination is a great tool but doesn’t fulfill you in your day-to-day life. Which would you prefer? Imagining your soul mate or experiencing their arms wrapped around you. Imagining work that fills your heart or making a difference day-to-day. Anchor the reality sooner rather than later, it’s not safer to hide behind the mind’s illusions, use visualization as a launch pad to a beautiful reality you embrace now.

Dr. Madisen Harper is an international author, speaker, mentor and human potential expert. Her bestselling book, 'limitLESS: 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential', has guided over 90,000 people to triumph in self, health and wealth and in areas where they previously failed.

Madisen interviews people accessing their infinite potential in her inspirational audio series ‘limitLESS Luminaries’. Recent discussions include bestselling authors: Arielle Ford, Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner and Marci Shimoff. Her inspirational and fresh ideas have been quoted worldwide including: ‘The Times’, ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, ‘Woman's Day’, ‘LA Times’, ‘A Current Affair’, ‘The Courier Mail’ and online.


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