I'm sure you've heard this phrase spoken many times over - "Don't worry, it will all work out." Friends, family and even well-meaning strangers will share this reminder when we feel like all control is lost in your world. Because we like control. We like predictability. Even those of us who think we are not controlling may not notice how it shows up in your life. But here's the thing: the longer we hold on to something, the longer it could take to reach us.

This is something Deepak Chopra shares in his hit book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, and it's something I've witnessed over and over again. Letting go and trusting the process is easier said than done however, so here are three steps to help you out that regularly work for me.

1. Visualize the outcome - Let yourself think in detail about how the situation may turn out. Truly imagine how it would feel to be in the situation as it unfolds and witness the outcome you believe will occur. Then visualize the alternative outcomes that may not be what you'd like to see.

2. Think about the big picture - After you've visualized the outcome, take a step back and think about this particular situation in the grand scale of your lifetime. Think about how it will truly affect your future. It's all about putting it into perspective, and understanding that if Plan A doesn't work out, Plan B or C may be just as viable in other ways.

3. Move on - When it comes to trusting the process and letting go, I've always had the most success with moving on to something new. If you're emotionally holding on to something, becoming involved with something new may be the only sure fire way to let go completely. The trick is to really mean it!


heidi oranHeidi Oran is the founder of The Conscious Perspective, a blog providing education and awareness about Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Humanitarian issues. You can visit The Conscious Perspective here, and connect with Heidi via Facebook, or Twitter.
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