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Excerpt from The WAY BACK from LOSS by Wayne Hastings

Loss comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is the loss of a job, a relationship, or a loved one, the pain associated with loss takes time to overcome. No matter where you are in the grieving process, Pastor Wayne Hastings' 60-day devotional, provides you with the comfort and encouragement you need to move on with life.

Part 1: Finding Peace in the Storm
Day 1: Crossing the River

We are like people who are crossing a rushing river. We can’t see the other side, but we know we need to get there. In front of us, in the water, is a line of stones. We step from stone to stone on our quest to get to the other side. Sometimes we’re fearful and we don’t want to take the next step. Sometimes our feet get wet either from slipping off a stone or just simply from the rushing water’s force and current. Slowly we progress from stone to stone. We slip and slide, but we make it. The best way to reach the next stone is by taking God’s hand. He gently helps and leads us as any good parent would help their child take those first few steps. Sometimes we let God help; sometimes we don’t.

Loss can paralyze us in the journey across the river. The unknown is a scary place. Though you want to go back and change the past, you can’t. An organizational whim at the office, the loss of a loved one, or a disrupted relationship has devastated you. You are stuck and the water (circumstances, ego, financial pressure, the economy, etc.) threatens to engulf you.

You desperately cling to each rock before you have the faith and trust to move to the next one. You may try to jump ahead a couple of stones and fall off into the water. The path changes without warning. It’s cold, wet, and uncomfortable; and you cannot clearly see what’s ahead. You don’t know the way. Your faith is tested and all you can do is cry out for help.

Trust gets us moving again. Only God knows the twists and turns of our lives and when any of us will ultimately arrive on the other side. Deep and strong trust in Him is what keeps us going.

We need help and perspective. Recovery is not as easy as sending out a few resumes or receiving well-intentioned sympathy cards.
God says, “Hold on. I will show you the path. I will enlarge it and keep your feet from slipping. Just trust Me.”

The first thing we need to do is to take Him at His word. Grab His hand and do not let go. Completely trust the Creator of the Universe for every step, every direction, and every minute of each day.

INSIGHT: We are all on a journey, and there are times when we slip and when the way forward is unclear. Know that God’s hand is there, ready to lead you to the next stone.

PRAYER: Ask God for His peace. Tell Him your fears, hopes, and dreams, and seek His direction and guidance. Ask Him to help you trust and be open to His gentle leading.

• Study 2 Samuel 22:3, 31, Psalm 7:1, and Psalm 18:30. Commit to reading these scriptures every day to build your trust in Him.

 Understand that what you may be holding on to isn’t what is best for you. Ask yourself, “What do I need to let go of in my life so I can trust in God more?” Let God show you the areas that are blocking you from moving to that next stone.

• Discover the power of sharing your vision and dreams for the future with someone who can pray for and/or mentor you. Many times speaking our dreams and asking for help from others allows us to see the future more clearly.

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