woman-praiseWhen it comes to our goals and dreams we all want to know how we can make those ideas or thoughts materialize in our lives. This art of bringing a thought form from an energetic state to the point of materializing in one’s present reality is called Manifestation. The Art of Manifestation is not new. The techniques used to manifest dreams into reality have been available to us since ancient times. The steps are actually quite simple and easy to apply, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Just like working out to build a muscle, the process is simple but requires consistent practice, dedication and focus to attain the desired result. One must focus their attention on the right things to create the right results.

Our thoughts are things, they have form and power. We are all powerful manifestors. The challenge is that often we are much better at manifesting what we want than what we don’t want than what we do desire. Many of us are unconsciously manifesting our realities each day and we may not like the outcome.

There are certain steps each of us can consciously take to facilitate the manifestation of our goals and dreams. By intentionally applying these steps we can not only bring the things we have imagined into our present experience but also potentially speed up the process up to a degree. By consciously applying the following steps and being aware of what we are manifesting what we experience in our lives changes to more closely resemble our desires.

Step 1: Define what you want. Often we think we know what we want, but we can only define it by what we do not want. In the process of defining all the things we do not desire we end up shifting our energy and attention to manifest that rather than what we want. Where we place our attention is where the energy of manifestation goes to work. Clearly working at manifesting our dreams this way will not be productive.

Schedule some quiet time for some deep contemplation of what you desire to create in your life. What are your goals, hopes and wishes? Sit down with a pen and paper. Get clear, crystal clear. Define what you do want. Describe it, draw it, and define it. Define it in terms of the positive attributes. Define the attributes and characteristics of your dream. Take care not to use anything as a descriptor that is actually a statement about what your dream is not. Define what it is. Know exactly what it is you want.

You may find that you thought you knew exactly what you wanted, but now that you are no longer defining your dream in terms of what it lacks you are no longer sure what it is that you really desire. Definition, clarity this is often the most challenging part of the process and where novice manifestors give up. Do not give in; take as long as it takes to get clear on what you want in your life. What do you want to create?

As you move forward defining characteristics and attributes, define physical attributes and define the associated feelings. If you are shooting for happy, define happy. What is that for you? Take time to define and describe every detail. Remember the old saying, ‘Be careful what you ask for you just might get it?’ Keep in mind that you leave nothing to chance. An incomplete description can leave multiple options for the materialization of your dream; some may be just what you asked for but not at all what you wanted. Be specific. The more time you spend here, the more comprehensive your definition of your dream, the more accurately your dream will materialize in a way that closely resembles what you desire.

Avoid pinning the idea to a specific person, a specific house, a specific job, etc. If you are looking to manifest a relationship, define the relationship not the person you think you would like to be in the relationship with. If you are looking for a new home define the home walk through it room by room in your mind, define the characteristics of the neighborhood or climate. Let the Universe identify who the person is or what place exactly meets the characteristics you have identified. Once you have completed your definition of your dream, you have placed your order with the Universe. Surrender to the process, trust in the universal wisdom. Certainly define your dream very specifically down to the details and let go, do not try to control the: who what where when and how your dream will materialize. Your job is to define the dream and fuel it, which brings us to step 2.

Step 2: Believe it is possible. You must know in your deepest soul that it is possible for the thing you desire to be in your life. Miracles happen every day. Often things we never could have imagined were possible come together in the most unpredictable way. Just because something does not appear likely from your current vantage point does not mean that it is not possible. Believe in the possibility that what you desire could be in your life. The stronger your belief the less resistance you create. By reducing the resistance it is easier for the energy of what you do desire to materialize in your life. If you do not believe it is possible for your dream to be a part of your reality, you are energetically putting up a brick wall of resistance blocking all possibility that you can manifest what you desire. Expect your dream to manifest. Know that it is happening. Know that the Universe is working in your favor, even when it does not appear to be from your perspective. Trust and believe what you desire is coming to you.

Step 3: Feel the emotions. What does it feel like when your desire actually materializes in your reality? Your emotions, your feelings, are the fuel or energy that powers your desire forward through the process of manifesting. The more powerfully you can feel what it is like to have your desire materialize the more power you provide for the thought form to become real.

Practice visualization. Visualize that what you desire is already in your life today. How does it feel? Experience those emotions as if it is a present reality. Feel and experience your dream in your mind’s eye, letting those emotions build. Walk through that home, sit in the car, or imagine yourself in that relationship. Whatever it is that you want to manifest, feel it using every physical sense and emotion as if it were already here as you visualize it. By doing this you are creating the rocket fuel to propel your desire forward into your present reality.

Other strategies support you in keeping your dream in front of you every day. Create a vision board and take a few minutes to use it as a visual tool to connect with the emotions as if the dream has already manifested. Create an affirmation using “I am…” to affirm in the present tense that your dream has materialized. Repeat your affirmation several times a day, out loud, with emotion. Read your written definition each night before bed imagining it and feeling it as already having materialized for you. This allows your subconscious to go to work on that last thought of your waking day as you sleep

Step 4: Keep positive vibrate high. Positive energy and a positive attitude open the doors to possibility. Positive environments are lighter and naturally produce less resistance. Keep your mindset, your surroundings and your interactions as positive as possible. Clear out clutter in your home. Make space for what it is that you are manifesting. Associate with individuals who lift you up. Place items in your environment that raise your spirits and fill you with optimism, inspiration and motivation. Infuse your life with positivity. Meditate, listen to powerful teachers who inspire you, listen to music that raises the energy in the room. Add some plants to help clear the energy or learn about space clearing to purify your environment. Exercise, change your eating habits, learn about crystals, etc. Do whatever works for you and makes you feel like you are living a more positive, energized life.

It is not necessary and often not appropriate to tell others what you are doing or what you are trying to manifest. This is not some ancient secret mystics want you to keep private. The reason is purely energetic. When manifesting the less energetic resistance the better. Whether the resistance of another is open such as making jokes, behind your back or just a mental negative thought directed at you it all creates energetic resistance. It also can make it harder for you to stay positive and create feelings of insecurity within you that also will create more resistance. To keep the path for materialization clear, only involve those who need to know.

Step 5: Take guided action. Manifestation does not mean a balloon will drop from the sky and your new car keys to the car you are manifesting are tied to the string. Occasionally this may happen but more often you will need to take guided action. This may be to go somewhere new to reach out to someone you have not seen in years, to apply for a job you feel is out of your reach. Whatever it is when you feel that strong urge to veer left when you normally would go right. Do it. Still live your life but also take the additional steps in the areas you are pushed to. Do not ignore the opportunities the Universe is providing for you because you are waiting for your dream to show up in a neat package with a bow on top. You still need to take the necessary action to allow your dream to materialize. Be aware of the opportunities that are provided to you during this process.

Step 6: Express Gratitude. Be grateful before, during and after your dream manifests. Start a gratitude journal. Each day start by expressing gratitude for things in your life and for the manifestation of your dream. As you go through the process express gratitude mentally and verbally for the opportunities and doors that are being opened for you. Be thankful as you see your dream begin to materialize. When your dream materializes continue to be grateful and express gratitude for the process and for the manifestation of your dream from thought to physical reality. To be a conscious co-creator in the process of your life is truly a blessing. Express gratitude every day, which in turn will create more and more blessings to appear in your life.

Step 7: Build up your karmic bank. Build up your positive karma by providing service to others and tithing often. Help others, be kind, give of yourself, pay the toll for the person behind you, mentally bless strangers as you walk down the street, etc. There are so many opportunities, big and small, to be of service. Never underestimate the impact of your actions. While it may seem small and insignificant to you it could be a life changer for someone else. By making positive deposits into your karmic bank you are clearing old energy that may create resistance and building up positive energy which opens doors to manifestation. It is important to balance karmic debts so that you are able to fully embrace the manifestation process and realize the joy of your dreams manifesting in your reality.

These 7 steps are not complicated; in fact they are quite simple. What they require is your commitment. Focus on one dream, one desire and apply yourself with laser focus to these 7 steps working to that one dream. Once that dream has materialized, move on to the next. With practice your manifestation muscle will develop, you will become stronger. Your manifestation skill will turn into a graceful art form. You will find your life changing as you begin to live a life you desire and realize that it is truly possible to create in your life anything you choose. Your life is the canvas, you are the artist. What do you choose to create?

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