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There are a lot of controversy and speculation of what a spirit guide exactly is and how they’re different from an angel. The term spirit guide is from western traditions of spiritualist churches, mediums and psychics. Spirit guides are an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit that acts as a guide or protector to a human being.

There is a lot of different information that circulates around spirit guides. Here are the things you probably don’t know, but should know about spirit guides.

Communication with spirit guides.

A lot of people communicate with the spirit guides through journal programs where they meditate and jot down conversations. A lot of people find journaling useful because it’s something they can refer back to later.

Spirit guides don’t have names.

Spirit guides don’t necessarily have names because their earthly names no longer are important to them or truly matter. Usually revealing a name can bring forth certain preconceptions in your mind which could possibly hinder their psychic work. They also don’t mind if you choose a name for them – sometimes assigning a name to your spirit guide will ease your mind and provide a reference.

Exotic backgrounds are not a perquisite.

Not all spirit guides have exotic backgrounds. Popular beliefs make mention that spirit guides are predominately Native Americans, shaman, nuns or ancient Chinese monks. There are some spirit guides that are one of the above however, it is not a prerequisite to be of one of these cultures in order to be a spirit guide.

Guides come when you need them.

Some spirit guides pop in and out of our lives when they’re needed. Whenever a guide is around you that means at that particular time you need them most.

Some don’t believe in spirit guides.

Some psychics and mediums don’t believe in spirit guides at all. Instead they believe that guidance is from your own higher consciousness.

How many spirit guides does each person have?

Most people have 7-10 spirit guides on a full-time team, with 3-5 permanent members of the team, and 5-10 rotating members.

How do you get spirit guides?

Some believe that you select your spirit guides prior to birth. Some people argue that between this life and your previous life, you select the individuals that you’d like to help you learn the lessons of this life and navigate through your world.

Spirit guides come in all forms.

Spirit guides are not just people – they include fairies, animals, plants and crystals too.

Each guide has a role.

Each guide has a certain role that they fill. Some roles are protective roles, others provide wisdom, other joy, and others manage your gateway to the Spiritual World, and still provide others healing.

Spirit guides aren’t perfect.

Spirit guides can be wrong. Statistical outcomes can and often times do change – which influences the overall course of action.

Each guide is unique.

Calling cards can help you to learn and identify your guides’ presence based on certain cues. Each of your guides have a specific signal or cue that is unique to them.

The great thing about spirit guides is that they genuinely care about you and want you to succeed in life. Your guides want you to grow in this life, and others, while you overcome hardships and learn unlearned lessons. Spirit guides will always stand by you to provide you with the utmost support, love, compassion and guidance so that you can live a fulfilling life. Throughout life you will meet skeptics however, it’s important to remain confident within your spiritual mentors. Their insight and direction can be exactly what you need to get yourself out of a difficult situation or perhaps be the light you need when others are doubtful. It’s important to understand the reasoning behind the spirit guides in your life because that will help point you into the right direction and give you the leadership that your life needs at that particular moment.

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